The Terrorists Among Us: "Sleeper agent" pinpointed military bases for Al-Qaeda

A Muslim convert, who was accused of working in Australia as a "sleeper agent" for Al-Qaeda, was reportedly assigned the task of pinpointing military bases that could be attacked by the terrorist network.

The fact came to light during the first day of Jack Thomas's, the accused, committal hearing. The prosecution alleged that Thomas was trained at Al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan, after which he returned to his home in suburban Melbourne to plot terror strikes, The News reported.

Thomas, however, has denied the charges of receiving financial support from al-Qaeda, providing the group with resources and support to carry out a terrorist attack and having a falsified passport, or being trained.

The former taxi driver, Thomas, at one time stayed in Al-Qaeda safe houses in neighbouring Pakistan and was asked by one operative to return home and work for the organisation from Melbourne....

During the hearing, being held behind closed doors, Thomas reportedly said he knew al-Qaida's'a objective was to use force to make America change its ways....

The court also heard Thomas told Australian police that one man's terrorist was another man's freedom fighter and that he was willing to work for Osama Bin Laden in Australia, although he had said he did not agree with Al Qaeda's methods....

hmmmm...so what part of airplanes full of innocent people flying into tall buildings do you think he misunderstood...?