Where We Are Today...and Baby, we've come a LONG way!

So I have not seriously posted in a while. Looking back at the beginning of this blog I realize how far we all have come from 2004. Many things have changed, and many basically remain the same.

Back in the day I was using this blog as an outlet for my frustration over how the Leftists in this country literally controlled all the microphones. They had the alphabet news channels forever: ABC, CBS, NBC - which eventually sprouted CNN, MSNBC and, of course, they've always had NPR and PBS.

Conservatives had Rush Limbaugh, but nothing much more than that.
Then Fox News was launched.
And Breitbart entered the fray.
Conservatives finally had a way to get news and facts unfiltered! It was glorious!

Ever notice how much Leftists complain about anything conservative? Why, I do declare. They HATE conservatives! Why is that? Why are Leftists unable to have an intelligent conversation with someone that does not agree with them?

Nope. You either agree or it's scorched earth. It's almost as if they are afraid that a conservative may say something that would/could convince them to question their ideology, if you can call it that anymore.

And it's not just Leftists.
There was a time when my loyalties to the Republican Party and the Republican members of Congress were pretty solid. So when did all that change? When did the RINOs come out of the closet and let us all know that there really weren't two parties in Washington D.C., it was all run by some huge Uni-Party that did not give a damn about the lives and well being of ordinary American citizens.

If you're counting their expressed "concern" during election cycles you're way off base, honey.

A few people have asked lately "Are you okay?" "Are you well?" (you know who you are 😉)

Actually, I'm fine! My political interests remain as high as ever just not here. On this blog.

In my spare time I tinker with my new toy:

Let me tell you, this is awesome! You literally can make anything with a 3D printer.
The limit? Your imagination.

But I digress.

Getting back to politics let me ask you: What has changed since 2004?

Re-reading my early posts you will find:

Leftists committed voter fraud.
Leftists lied about who they are.
Leftists took millions from George Soros in exchange for selling Americans out, then lied about it.
Leftists smeared anyone that disagreed with them.

The list is too long to include everything here but you get my drift.
And they are STILL doing the same things today and they've gotten better at it!

To add to the mix, the information is much, much louder and getting out there much, much faster with social media being the conduit.

Instant everything! People are completely hooked and cannot put their phones down for fear of missing something.

Remember this guy?

Man Distracted by Device Walks Off California Cliff to His Death

There was a time when I truly was worried about the direction this country was going. I'm still worried, and if you aren't, you're not paying attention.

But then Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States of America. Nothing short of a miracle, that was. 

Despite what you hear literally 24/7 from the Media Hellhounds, Leftist activists in Congress and the Leftist Hollywood Rats about how terrible President Trump is, I believe what they really are telling us is that he - Trump - is going to expose every nefarious thing those people have been doing to and against the American people for a very, very long time.

Conservatives had been cowed into silence for too long with the Leftist tool of 'political correctness' and by 2016 it had taken its toll. People that had not voted for many elections got themselves to the voting booth and voted for a man that sparked something in them that they thought long dead: Patriotism. 

It really is as simple as that.

It's happening.

Slowly, sure. But digging out the deep roots of a very old tree is not something done overnight. 

So now I focus my prayers on President Trump, everyone protecting him, his family and everyone else working with him to - as he says so well - Make America Great Again.

And if you've a mind to do so, say a few prayers for him as well.