Religion of Peace Update...

A top official at the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Washington fled the United States with his family during the weekend, just days after being arrested in Virginia on charges of soliciting sex from an undercover detective posing as a 13-year-old girl....embassy officials did not show "good faith" in rendering a decision -- and instead turned Salem Al-Mazrooei into "an international fugitive cloaked in diplomatic immunity."

Mr. Krantz said there was no doubt about Mr. Al-Mazrooei's intentions when he took the four-hour drive to Bedford County to meet with the "teenager," noting that in one e-mail he said, "I know what I'm doing is illegal, I know that it is wrong," and in another, "If you've got a friend, maybe we could have a threesome. I could take you back to school."

He said the diplomat also had a MapQuest printout of the meeting location and a tube of KY Jelly, a sexual lubricant in his sport utility vehicle .

"I see sexual exploitation cases all the time and not much embarrasses me anymore," Mr. Krantz said. "But I would have been embarrassed reading some of his e-mails in mixed company."

...suppose that's why they have to keep their women all covered up and out of harms way??