Michael Schiavo and Judge Greer Covering Their Dirty Deeds: Cremation Has Already Been Ordered For Terri Schiavo

MichNews reported on March 4th:

Terri Schiavo married the wrong man: Michael Schiavo.

Michael wants to starve Terri to death, inherit her estate and cremate her body.

George Greer wants Terri's starvation to start on March 18, 2005.

He's the judge!

And he already approved cremation for Terry.

Lunatic liberals rejoice at the thought of Terri being disposed of to delight Michael....

In Florida, if someone were starving a dog, that person would go to jail.......

......apparently, also in Florida, if your spouse doesn't want you anymore, they can try to kill you...and if that doesn't work and you end up brain damaged...that same spouse can take his case to the Florida courts...find a sympathetic Florida judge....and have that judge order your feeding tube removed...and have that same Florida judge order your body cremated...NO AUTOPSY...so that no evidence will ever be found...and a helpless, injured woman will be murdered...with the blessing of the courts...