Guide for the Mexican Migrant Lays Out Illegal Aliens "Rights"

So, the Mexican government is still insisting that the Guide for the Mexican Migrant is only "helpful information" and does not support illegal immigration to the United States...

...and you *might* believe it...

...until some of the pages are translated for you...

si te detienen, tienes derechos! translates to: if they stop to you, you have rights!

Oh really?

Since when do illegal anythings have "rights"? Aren't these law breakers? How do they get "rights"??

Here are more of the "rights" translated in this "helpful guide"...
your rights are:

knowledge of where you are

to request that they allow you to communicate with representatives of the Consulate of Mexico so that you receive support

not to declare or to sign documents, if they are in English, without access of a defense counsel or representative of the Mexican Consulate

To receive delicate medical attention if you are injured or of health

To be respected and to have a worthy treatment, without concerning your migratory quality

To that they transfer to you of safe form

To have water and food whenever you need

Not these forced to provide your migratory quality to the lengthy being

not to be struck or to be insulted

not to be incomunicado

If they take your things from you, it requests a comprobante so that you can demand them at the time of being released

If you experience any violation to these rights, it is important that you give the information to your lawyer or the representative of the Consulate of Mexico that visits to you; or, to the Delegation of the Secretary of Outer Relations in Mexican territory

If you want greater information and you live in Texas, the United States, or in City It rocks, Coahuila, it tunes "the Powerful one" in the 1570 of A.M.

Interesting, isn't it, what one person will call 'helpful information for survival' - I call 'laying out the parameters of how you can break the laws of a neighboring country'