Ward Churchill, Threats and Violence Against Colleagues

It is all documented...all of it...

In January 2003 this article was posted at FrontPage: Dr. Ward Churchill of the University of Colorado – Boulder, a man who pretends to be a "radical Indian activist" and who physically attacked and broke Mrs. Carol Standing Elk’s wrist after she exposed him as a fraud to the Native American community

Over at Students for Academic Freedom: Churchill has not shrunk from violence himself, having participated in an attack that left a one Carol Standing Elk with a broken wrist, spitting on the elderly Indian woman. The attack was in retaliation after for the pivotal role Standing Elk played in expelling Churchill from AIM in 1993 for “misdirecting, disrupting, and sowing division in order to discredit and neutralize the leadership of the American Indian Movement.”

The Denver Post quotes Churchill's attorney, David Lane, about a report that Churchill's wife first attacked the elderly Carol Standing Elk and after she fell down Churchill spit on her: "Maybe she needed to be physically attacked," he said. "Maybe his wife acted in self-defense. Maybe she needed to be spit on."

The Post is also reporting that Churchill, when wanting to give a dorm an Indian name, threatened another colleague with harm: "He suggested I should back off my proposal and if I didn't, I would get hurt," Arnold said after she was contacted by The Denver Post. "I was shocked, and that's why my dean heard about it."

hmmmm...this is getting really interesting......