Ward Churchill and Liberal Faculty at CU: Supporting the Constitution a Throwback to McCarthyism

The RockyMountainNews reports that Ward Churchill signed an oath on Friday to support the constitutions of the United States and Colorado, ending a controversy that has been simmering for a week.

The oath has been a condition of employment in Colorado colleges and public schools for decades.

But the oath was not attached to copies distributed to the news media of the contract Churchill signed when he became a tenured faculty member in 1991.

CU officials have been looking for the oath in at least five campus offices where documents are filed.

Churchill ended the matter Friday by signing a new oath, university spokesman Ray Gomez said.

Churchill could not be reached for comment.

The loyalty oath has been a sore point among liberal faculty members at CU. They view it as a relic of the McCarthy era, when several left-leaning professors were hounded by the legislature.

The oath was upheld in federal court, said Deputy Attorney General Renny Fagan.