Religion of Peace Update...

There is an eery similarity to the threats by an Islamic group against a Christian worker in New Mexico that is now being reported and the family that was horribly slain in New Jersey last month...

In both cases the target dared speak out against an Islamic group...in the New Jersey case, the father, his wife and two young daughters were found with their throats slit and holes in their throats that appeared to be a result of the point of a knife digging and turning in their neck...

In the New Mexico case, World Net Daily reports: A Christian aid worker who writes for an evangelical news service apparently has been targeted for death by contributors to an Islamist website.

Posting on the Houston-based site Al Ansar, the Islamists blamed Jeremy Reynalds, director of
Joy Junction in New Mexico, for the demise of another website, mawsuat.com, and asked if anyone else had more information on him, according to Internet Haganah.

In the subsequent discussion thread on Al Ansar, the Islamists posted Reynalds' home address so he would be "visited" and then a photograph with the wish that his ribs would be broken.

Another offered prayers to Allah that Reynalds' "fatty neck" would be delivered to them, a reference to Islamists' common method of decapitation.
"The thread closes with a heartfelt 'amen,'" Internet Haganah said.

Jeremy Reynalds wrote an article, "Internet Service Provider Takes Terror Site Off Line Hours Before Iraqi Elections".

In the New York Sun last week an article, Christians stalked on Islamic website, gives detailed information of the length these terrorists are going to stalk and murder anyone that debates them including photos, names and addresses...

The Sun's report says barsomyat.com features photographs and information about Christians who actively debate on PalTalk, including a group of photographs of a Syrian Christian, "Joseph," who now lives in Canada.

Personal information posted by subscribers clearly indicates they are trying to find his current address, the paper said.

One comment warns: "Know, oh Christian, that you are not far from us and you are under our watchful eyes!"

Another says: "Laugh, oh Christian, and soon you will see a big hit."