Google News Bias

A report from HundredPercenter that is a followup on one done by Michelle Malkin about the bias over at GoogleNews gave me a jolt...so I went to the list that I had posted last month urging readers to Buy Red, a little tidbit I had picked up from a liberal website...

Lo and behold, Google is on the BUY BLUE list at 100%, which means that during the last election this company gave 100% to either democratic candidates or the DNC...according to BuyBlue: Google currently has a 100% BuyBlue rating due to political contributions for the 2003-2004 election cycle. During the past election cycle Google's CEO contributed solely to Democratic candidates..

Duh... how that escaped my attention I don't know, but if you look at their profile your will discover:

Eric Schmidt - CEO

$2,000 to JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC (D) on 2003-02-27
$2,000 to GEPHARDT FOR PRESIDENT INC. (D) on 2003-03-14
$2,000 to JOE LIEBERMAN FOR PRESIDENT INC (D) on 2003-06-26
$2,000 to DEAN FOR AMERICA (D) on 2003-09-12(FEC Schedule A: 23992105343)
$2,000 to ANNA ESHOO FOR CONGRESS (D) on 2004-01-13(FEC Schedule A: 24990532542)
$2,000 to WYDEN FOR SENATE (D) on 2004-03-03(FEC Schedule A: 24020203319)
$25,000 to KERRY VICTORY 2004 (D) on 2004-04-27(FEC Schedule A: 24981223740)
$25,000 to DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE (D) on 2004-09-30(FEC Schedule A: 24971862408)
$2,000 to ANNA ESHOO FOR CONGRESS (D) on 2004-10-05(FEC Schedule A: 24962674852)
$7,500 to DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF OREGON (D) on 2004-10-26(FEC Schedule A: 24981546117)

Not surprising that Malkin, HundredPercenter and others have been sent rejection letters by Google for "not fitting their criteria"...


(Note: found this tidbit from an analysis of Google's public stock filing when they took Google public...might provide a little more insight into the world of Google....)