AIM Condemns Churchill's Statements and Actions...

AIM, The American Indian Movement, is disavowing Ward Churchill as one of theirs and condemning his statements and actions 'on behalf of AIM':

Ward Churchill has been masquerading as an Indian for years behind his dark glasses and beaded headband...

as long ago as 1999, AIM was trying to make it clear to the world that even though Ward Churchill was falsely holding himself out as an angry Native American, his anger had nothing at all to do with his heritage...AIM stated then:

The ringleaders of this conspiracy are two wannabees, white men masquerading as Indians, who are very deceitful and treacherous individuals by the name of Ward Churchill and Glen Morris...

On September 23, 1986, Churchill and Morris were expelled from the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC).

After seven (7) more years of investigations by our Council on Security, and attempts to reason with Russell Means, who continues to be aligned with them and is a central figure in this conspiracy, Ward Churchill and Glen Morris were expelled from the American Indian Movement on November 24, 1993. Six years later in 1999 they continue their misinformation campaign and attacks against the leadership of the American Indian Movement on the Internet.

A response from the Keetoowah Tribe included:

Many non-Indians are now claiming Cherokee ancestry, said Richard Allen, a policy analyst with the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma.

The Keetoowah are a small offshoot of the much larger Cherokee Nation. Allen has worked for the Cherokee Nation for more than 20 years.

He said he has followed Churchill's career for much of that time. "When it comes to Churchill, I've always thought he was a wannabe Indian," Allen said. "His history is a little bit like Forrest Gump."

This is a real eye opener for me...I have always associated Russel Means, Ward Churchill, et al, along with the anger and hatred, with the AIM movement...