What you have with Barack Obama is a lack of character

One more from CURMUDGEONLY AND SKEPTICAL (LOVE this pic ;-)

There are two chapters in The Amateur that deal with how Obama treats supporters, even big time supporters, after he's through with them. Guess what? They ain't around for 2012, and Obama is panicking. (Just now, while I was prepping this post, I ran across this on Drudge - "... switches from 2008 Obama bundler to Romney backer" ). And here's Steve Rogers, a "Day One" Obama supporter and money man. His sentiments are those of damned near everybody who thought they had a "friend" in Obama, from Oper to Caroline Kennedy.(LOL). (page 33) →

Hmmm...it would appear that the thrill is gone...the rats are abandoning ship?..perhaps too early to tell, but it is refreshing to see one of Obammy's former supporters call him the MF word...something we've been doing all along...