Sam Donaldson: Many on Right Oppose Obama Because He's Black


Perhaps because Sam Donaldson is getting so old he has (conveniently) forgotten his approach to the days when he was shouting down President Reagan...thank God for the internet! Once anything is posted on the internet, it's a forever kind of thing...

Let's take a stroll down memory lane, Sam, shall we?

Newsbusters has unearthed a 1987 article written by Christopher Connell and quotes Sam Donaldson:

Donaldson said Reagan is not “a 5-year-old who…must be sequestered and guarded and protected from the awful bully boys of the press.”

Well, who does that remind you of? ObaMao's handlers are treating him exactly like that! He RARELY has pressers, and when he does, as soon as he's finishing reading his latest edict he scurries back into hiding refusing to take questions...what is a reporter to do?!

Donaldson added “People see us in the news-gathering process. It is disorderly. They somehow seem to believe that the press…should conduct itself as if at a ladies’ afternoon cotillion on Sunday, in its best clothes, and with its most polite manners. That’s not the way the news business works.” (my emphasis)

Hmmm...seems like ole' Sammy has a double standard going here...one for conservative presidents and one for liberal presidents...only in the case of anyone criticizing the current lib president you always get to call them racist...that'll stop 'em dead in their tracks!

Like I said earlier, thank God for the internet! For years Americans were fed the 'evening news' with the liberal slant because there were only three choices on television and few others in print...but we grew weary of the ever increasing liberal-tainted version that was presented to us and went in search of the truth...the TRUTH, Sammy...something that may be foreign to you and your ilk, but something we were thirsting after...

People call us the 'new media'...the bloggers, news reporters (YES, they are reporters!), tweeters...we are all after one thing...the TRUTH!

So, which is it, Sammy? Which time were you telling your version of 'the truth'? Because as far as I know, for something to be true it will always withstand the matter of time...