Dear Congressman/Congresswoman:

I am writing to ask a very important question: Why do we need Congress?

You are probably wondering what brought that question to my mind. You need look no further than today’s headlines about Pres Barack Hussein Obama’s decision to override Congress’ decision to not pass what is called the ‘Dream Act’.

If you and your colleagues in Congress don’t address and STOP this egregious dismantling of the United States Constitution you will be assisting Obama in this heinous act.

We have THREE branches of Government! I have not seen anything that has changed that fact! Obama’s brazen power grab needs to be stopped NOW!

Do NOT sit there thinking that the American people will ‘get over it’ or that this will blow away. We are FURIOUS!

If you do not act to stop Obama, then the reality is: WHY do we need Congress? WHY should we pay Congress’ travel allowances, housing allowances, medical insurance, retirement, etc, etc. WHY???

IF this president is allowed to continue enacting these kinds of horrible things, WITHOUT the consent of either Congress or the American people, WHY do we need YOU there if you are going to do nothing??

It is your job, sir/madam…YOUR JOB. We sent you to Washington to represent the American people, not bow down at the altar of political correctness. Of course it is not pleasant to deal with these issues, but that is exactly why you are there! Do your job!

We are all watching…waiting for Congress to do the right thing.