We've all been witnessing the Obama's use of taxpayer's money as their own...LOTS of taxpayer's money on LOTS of vacations...clothes...trips...more clothes...more vacations...on and on...

Now, Jim Geraghty over at National Review questions "Does President Barack Obama know how much he is spending?"

Clearly, he does not.  Otherwise Obama would not be running around claiming to be fiscally responsible. It would appear that the Obama's don't know how to manage money, not even their own, as evidenced by Michelle's confession here:

Michelle Obama, campaigning in Pennsylvania in 2008, shared this surprising anecdote, as described by a Chicago Tribune reporter:

Michelle Obama is pretending to take a call, thumb and pinkie finger up to her face, telling how she and her husband used to get calls from loan debt agents not that long ago.

“I remember those days clearly, sweating to get that mail,” she said. “That collection agency, the loan debt people calling you telling you that you’ve got a few more days before you’re in trouble.”
As Geraghty notes: Almost all spendaholics or those who are unable to control their spending engage in a certain amount of denial, an effort to fool themselves about the hard truths of their financial situation.

November can't come too quickly!!