Neil Munro Explains His Exchange with President Obama in the Rose Garden...HAS OBAMA STARTED A WAR ON THE AMERICAN WORKER?

Neil Munro, the reporter from Daily Caller, explains what happened today...as you can see, Mr. Munro is not a frothing-at-the-mouth kook...he just wanted an answer to the question that is on every American's mind tonight:

Obama is not used to being asked questions that he is unprepared to answer...he orchestrates what we see and hear at these so-called "news conferences".

In the future, Munro hopes the White House will “arrange events so the reporters can ask the president or his senior staff about the important policy changes.”

Munro added that the administration normally selects which reporters are able to ask the president questions at press conferences beforehand.
(my emphasis)

“You can see the president at press conferences naming people who are to ask a question,” Munro said. “Other reporters sit around quietly not asking questions, not shouting questions because it risks their access to White House off the record comments and future chances of asking questions, but this is a very important issue. There’s no reason we should sit around and wait for another day for an answer on this important question.” (my emphasis)

The Washington Post has provided additional footage of the interaction...I am still shocked at how furious Obama got over being asked a question:

Obama's answer: 'Because these young people are already making extraordinary contributions to our society'...WTF!!! The question was: "Why do you favor foreigners over American workers?"

So, our so-called president didn't deny that he favors foreigners over American workers...he simply claimed that these "students" are making extraordinary contributions...HOW?? WHAT?? And how, exactly, does whatever these illegals are doing - most of them are supposedly students...HOW are they making "extraordinary contributions" that exceed AMERICAN TAXPAYING WORKERS???