Allen West on Imprisoned Terrorists- “Some Need To Be Tried and Executed”

Just when I thought I couldn't love Congressman Allen West more he comes up with this!

"We have individuals down in Guantanamo Bay, they are bad actors, and we need to keep them off the battlefield. Some of them need to be tried and executed…I believe it was 1942, when there were Nazi saboteurs that were caught off Long Island, the were tried by Military commission, one of them received a 30 year prison sentence, the others were executed. That’s the precident of dealing with non-state, non-uniform belligerents on the battlefield here in the United States of America, or wherever they’re captured. That’s what we need to go back to." - Congressman Allen West

He has my vote!!...too bad  he lives in Florda...


H/T: Shark Tank