Washington Times: "Mormons initiated protection on aliens"

The Mormon church arranged for a Utah senator to write a law to shield churches from prosecution for knowingly allowing illegal aliens to be ministers or do volunteer missionary work for them.

Kim Farah, a spokeswoman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, released a statement saying the church asked Sen. Robert F. Bennett, Utah Republican, to sponsor the provision, which she called a "narrow exception to the immigration act."

"The law permits churches to use the volunteer services of their undocumented members by insulating the churches from criminal sanctions for doing so," she said.

She said she would not answer any further questions, including why the church needs access to illegal alien volunteers...

That's bad enough...

...but NOW, there apparently are mosques and Muslim-related charities that have had illegal aliens as their leaders, including a mosque in California with two leaders who had stayed past the expiration of their visas. The men were both being investigated for potential ties to terrorism, but were deported on immigration charges....

These people have discovered the loophole and are using it to hide and protect terrorists???