The Jordanians Get It...Why Is It So Difficult For Our Own "Leaders" To Understand??

Here is the understatement of the year:

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi may have miscalculated in his recent bid to attack Western hotels in Amman, Jordan....

May have?

I'm thinking that is a great, big, resounding...YES

"...Thousands of flag-waving Jordanians thronged downtown Amman in the 'March of the Nation,' a noisy, emphatic demonstration against the hotel attacks. 'Al-Zarqawi, you coward, what brought you here?' the angry crowd shouted. 'Cease, cease, al-Zarqawi, you are a villain!' the throng chanted. 'Cease, Cease, you terrorist, you are a coward!' ...'I came specifically to say to those terrorists and al-Zarqawi that we are all united against them. We do not want them on our land,' said Ghazi al-Hajjaj, 43, who traveled from Tafila, 115 miles south of Amman, to attend the rally. Palestinians from Jordan's 13 refugee camps also took part in the protest... Some men brought their families with them. Aya Abu-Ghosh, 9, came with her father and siblings. 'I came here to say to terror: Get out of our home. We don't want you. You scare us.' Many demonstrators lifted photos of King Abdullah II and carried banners denouncing the attacks in general and al-Zarqawi in particular. 'Al-Zarqawi, you are the enemy of God,' one read. The two-hour march concluded with a rally at a downtown square, where many dignitaries and Muslim and Christian clergymen addressed the crowd... One speaker, who did not give his name but told the audience that he was a member of Bani Hassan, al-Zarqawi's tribe, recited a poem condemning terrorism. 'You terrorist, you are a traitor and whoever follows your ideology is also a traitor, too. Go to hell, you son of Satan,' he read."

It really isn't that difficult to follow the thread and figure out what these terrorists are all about...


And it doesn't matter how nice we are to them...plain and simple...they want us dead...

When do you think the liberals will understand that terrorists never learned Cum-bay-ah...not even the first verse!

And, I hate to tell you this...but I really DON'T think terrorists have ever even heard of Rodney King...OR the concept of "can't we all just get along?"...

Maybe it's something in the water in DC...you think?