For All of These Reasons...I Remain Thankful...

Happy New Year!


Can SOMEBODY Please Tell Me?...

...why President Bush was criticized for not jumping out on his front porch immediately upon hearing the news of the tsunami, even though he was already mobilizing help and pledging financial aid.....(btw, the U.S. has now pledged $350 million to this effort...)

...and Kofi Annan - on a skiing trip who couldn't be bothered to respond until he finished the entire vacation - got no criticism from the MSM or the rest of the world???

...where are all the musicians that were singing for George Bush to be defeated? why haven't they held a concert to raise funds for the tsunami victims? are they at the same vaca place that Kofi Annan was?...we know they can pull together a concert on a moments notice, if they want to...but, oh, puh-leeze...don't disturb them when they are PARTYING!

...why is it okay for liberals to use the tsunami victims and their families for political purposes...and it wasn't okay for Bush/Cheney to even mention the victims of 9/11??

...why is it okay for the muslims in Sri Lanka and India to refuse help from Israel...and no one from the muslim countries in the Middle East have been heard of since this happened?

...why it is okay for Jan Egeland of the U.N. to criticize the United States, calling us 'stingy'; yet, when President Bush steps up to the plate and forms a coalition of nations to send help, Clare Short, formerly with the U.N., states that "Bush is 'Undermining UN with Aid Coalition'??

...why is it okay for the people of the world to hold their hand out to the U.S., a country that always responds...generously...always - yet, those very same people declare - almost on a daily basis - their hatred for the United States and its citizens??

if you can answer one or more of these questions, it would be greatly appreciated...this desert rat has pondered these issues as we await the clock heralding in a new year...and I have yet to come up with just one answer!


Oh, By The Way...

Happy New Year, everyone...

(credit Cox & Forkum for the artwork)


Before, After...and NOW

Matt Drudge has these dramatic before and after photos of one of the areas hit by the tsunami...

...and then we have this...sunbathers - yes! sunbathers...

guess they already bulldozed the bodies from this beach, huh?

geeze! makes me sick!


Former UN Secretary Clare Short:Bush 'Undermining UN with Aid Coalition'

It just won't stop - this Bush and America bashing.

“I think this initiative from America to set up four countries claiming to coordinate sounds like yet another attempt to undermine the UN when it is the best system we have got and the one that needs building up,” Clare Short said.

“Only really the UN can do that job,” she told BBC Radio Four’s PM programme.

“It is the only body that has the moral authority. But it can only do it well if it is backed up by the authority of the great powers.”

Ms Short said the coalition countries did not have good records on responding to international disasters.She said the US was “very bad at coordinating with anyone” and India had its own problems to deal with.

“I don’t know what that is about but it sounds very much, I am afraid, like the US trying to have a separate operation and not work with the rest of the world through the UN system,” she added.

Umm...NO, Msss Short...I believe the President is going to this extra effort just to be sure that the funds reach the victims...and don't end up lining some U.N. official's pockets....



Message of Hate Being Perpetrated at University

I am upset and outraged, granted almost a week later, by a letter that appeared in the Arizona Republic from a professor - Gordon M. Weiner - over at ASU.

A response today to last week's letter is what drew my attention to the original hate message that went out to all Christians.

What am I speaking of you ask? Well, this! The letter to the editor is titled "Put Christ back into Christian homes."

Innocuous it may be at first glance, at least until you read the letter and understand what this guy is really saying.

He speaks of being an "8-year-old Jewish boy, cringing whenever I was wished Merry Christmas"

Oh really?

But then he gets into the meat of his message: I did not have the strength to respond that I was Jewish and did not celebrate the birth of a Christian messiah. Or that Jesus did not fulfill biblical prophecy and was not the messiah. Or that centuries before Jesus' birth, Mithras was born of a virgin, in a grotto, and was attended by shepherds. (my emphasis added)

Today's response, written by Gerald R. Kleinfeld who is described as a former professor of history at Arizona State University and who is also Jewish, drew my interest to go back and read the overlooked message from Weiner.

Kleinfeld writes: A former colleague in the history department at Arizona State University wrote a letter that seemed to criticize those who want to keep "Merry Christmas" from turning into "Happy Holidays." That was not his point.He calls them "Christianists," describing the Christian religion as being founded upon a pagan myth of Mithras. This is his real point.

I went back to Weiner's letter and discovered that he had, indeed, been drawing the same parallel that critics of Christianity have done for centuries...that Christianity evolved from the Roman pagan belief in Mithras (do your homework and look it up - it is akin to the latest attack on Christianity in the book "the DaVinci Code")

Weiner calls anyone that believes in Jesus Christ "Christianists" and Kleinfeld takes him to task on it.

Writes Kleinfeld: The letter is an intolerant attack on Christianity and Christians. Gordon Weiner, former director of Jewish Studies, would bristle if anyone took the word Jew and turned it into an epithet, as he does with the word Christian.

He wants Christians to confine their faith to homes and churches. When Jews were being persecuted in Spain, they were forced to practice their faith behind the locked doors of their homes. That is what he urges for Christians today.

It is a shame that we have to read such intolerance and ugliness. Thankfully, Weiner doesn't speak for all Jews.

We live in a society which uses federal tax dollars to fund museums that display a crucifix in a jar of urine, calling it art. Christianity is under assault all around us. Believing Jews like Weiner should recognize the assault on Christianity as an attack on all believers, and rise to its defense.

Thank you Professor Kleinfeld! You hit the proverbial nail on the head with your assessment of Weiner's smarmy hate message.

It is almost unbelievable that such an intolerant view can come from someone whose ancestors suffered intolerance and attacks, which he references, but it did.

Amazing that he can reference those injustices while at the same time calling for the same actions to be perpetrated against those that believe differently from him.

Want to know the most scary part of this whole scenario? This guy is teaching our young people. This guy is putting forth his intolerant ideas every day to a very vulnerable audience.

And we wonder why our young people today are sometimes so confused.



U.N. Slams U.S. as "Stingy"

In an unbelievable statement criticizing the United States over its pledge of $15 million towards helping the victims of the tsunami that hit Asia last weekend, U.N. Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland suggested that the United States and other Western nations were being "stingy" with relief funds, saying there would be more available if taxes were raised.

White House deputy press secretary Trent Duffy pointed out that the United States is "the largest contributor to international relief and aid efforts, not only through the government, but through charitable organizations. The American people are very giving."

But apparently that wasn't enough for Egeland, who hails from Norway, "It is beyond me why are we so stingy, really," the Norwegian-born U.N. official told reporters. "Christmastime should remind many Western countries at least, [of] how rich we have become."

"There are several donors who are less generous than before in a growing world economy," he said, adding that politicians in the United States and Europe "believe that they are really burdening the taxpayers too much, and the taxpayers want to give less. It's not true. They want to give more."

I don't know who this guy is, but somebody should take the microphone away from him.

Of course, I know the trendy thing today is to "blame America first - and always".

But - let me put this in perspective for you......some time ago, word came that the U.N. is looking for an interest-free loan from the U.S. in the amount of $1.2 billion...yes! I said $1.2 BILLION...interest free!...and what exactly is this loan for?...why, it is for renovating the "aging UN headquarters"....

let me get this straight...a U.N. official calls the U.S. 'stingy' for pledging $15 million...but where is the pledge from the U.N.? can't they take some of that remodeling money and use it to help disaster victims?? oh, no, no, nooooo....that would definitely inconvenience those pompous asses now wouldn't it?...

and, lest we forget, where are all the billions that were siphoned off the UN Oil For Food program?...blood money taken from people terrorized by a monster...now being used to keep these UN slimes living in luxury...where is Kofi Anan's personal pledge?

as I said earlier, take the microphone away from that Norwegian stooge...else we will turn the focus on the accusers...and it won't be pretty, guys....



"Claus for Alarm"

Thanks to CoxandForkum


Wash Times: Rumsfeld's Record

An Op-Ed piece in the Washington Times lays out (more clearly than I have been able to do) all the reasons why the attacks on Donald Rumsfeld are so blatantly political rather than truthfully reflecting his record:

All those calling for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's resignation should take a deep breath and consider their quarry's record. It's a formidable one. President Bush knows this, and he knows the nation would be much worse off without Mr. Rumsfeld. That's why the president is sticking with him. Mr. Rumsfeld is arguably the best defense secretary since the position was created in 1947.

A brief review of Mr. Rumsfeld's record is in order to remind his critics why. He has rebuilt the U.S. military, which has freed 50 million people from tyranny, decimated al Qaeda, won two wars and is busily consolidating the second of those. None of his predecessors back to James V. Forrestal, appointed by President Truman, can claim anything approaching such a record. His occasional maladroit replies to good questions do not detract from this record.

From the very beginning of his tenure, Mr. Rumsfeld has spearheaded the Pentagon's shift from a Cold War-era, European- and Northeast Asian-theater force into one better positioned to fight the wars of the 21st century. After the large drawdowns of the 1990s, Mr. Rumsfeld's efforts to get uniformed personnel out of civilian Pentagon jobs boosted Army troop levels by 30,000. None of his critics concede it, but those 30,000 alleviated the need for a draft. He killed unnecessary defense systems like the Crusader artillery piece against the wishes of congressional pork-barrelers and the special interests.

And there's the war on terror. Mr. Rumsfeld has overseen the destruction of al Qaeda, the freeing of those 50 million from the yoke of dictatorship and the bolstering of the prospects of countless others. In Afghanistan, the swift assault against the Taliban unseated one of the world's most cruel regimes and paved the way for democracy. It's easy to lose sight of how momentous an accomplishment that is.

After Afghanistan, Mr. Rumsfeld directed the manhunt to capture or kill al Qaeda's leadership. To date, three-quarters are dead or in prison. Osama bin Laden is in hiding and appears to have been rendered impotent.

In Iraq, Mr. Rumsfeld's 23-day campaign unseated a murderous dictator. The manhunt for Saddam Hussein ended nine months later in a spider hole outside Tikrit. Amid an unexpected insurgency, Mr. Rumsfeld is working to quell Ba'athist and radical Muslim fighters, while preparing for the January election and an eventual hand-over of security responsibilities.

With such a record, it's hard to view the charges against Mr. Rumsfeld as anything more than scurrilous. Mr. Rumsfeld has served honorably and with distinction.

I couldn't agree more...it troubles me when witnessing attacks on people that are are on our side by people that are SUPPOSED TO BE ON OUR SIDE...

the enemy - terrorists all - have given us not one reason to defend them...they hate us...and they would like us all dead...

time to focus these attacks on our true enemies and let the ones that are working to keep us safe able to do their job...


U.N. Logistics 'expert' - a Frenchman - Caught in Pornographic Scandal

A Frenchman, working for the UN in the Congo, was about to rape a 12-year-old-girl sent to him in a sting operation.

In a report, that I have yet to find on any of the U.S. MSM sites, police have discovered that the UN worker had turned his bedroom into a studio for videotaping and photographing sex sessions with young girls. The bed was surrounded by large mirrors on three sides, according to a senior Congolese police officer.
On the fourth side was a camera the man could operate from the bed with a remote control.
When the police arrived, the man was allegedly about to rape a 12-year-old girl sent to him in a sting operation. Three home-made pornographic videos and more than 50 photographs were found in his home.

Despite the UN's 'official policy' of zero tolerance of such abuse, investigations have turned up 150 allegations of sexual misconduct by peacekeepers and UN staff.

What I am trying to piece together here is why this is apparently flying under the radar screen on the U.S. MSM...

I am going to follow this story and report updates on it.



Electoral College Update

This is how the Arizona Electoral College votes, (Desert Rat's home state and domain, just in case you forgot) played out: Bush/Cheney - 10; Kerry/Edwards -0- (zip, nada)

New York, on the other hand, was more confused...THEY voted for John "L" Kerry...(Huh???)... and just what, exactly, does "L" stand for?...

"The ballots were correct, but for some reason with this document when it was typed up, nobody caught it in the proofing, including myself," Peter Constantakes, spokesman for the New York Department of State, told the Associated Press.

okay, okay...WAIT A MINUTE...stop!...

On MY keyboard - which is a STANDARD keyboard, exactly like a typewriter keyboard (just in case someone wanted to try to make a case about computer keyboards) - the "F" key is located on the left side of the keyboard and the finger that I use to type "F" is my "pointer finger" (remember those kindergarten days?)...

the "L" key is located on the right side of the keyboard and the finger I use to type "L" is my "ring finger"........

hmmmmm...now, tell me again Mr. Constantakes, just exactly HOW did this happen?

Minnesota - you gotta give those guys credit...they live in those sub-zero temperatures....they sound like Canadians....I am tempted to give them a pass...but really...why would someone vote for John Edwards for president after hearing his smarmy, lawyer-speak for all those months?...the only thing I can think of is that perphaps that EC voter's brain just hadn't thawed out yet...and...oh dear...it's December again...and the lakes are already frozen over again...and...geeze...I just can't bring myself to think about it anymore.....

There has been a lot of 'chatter' about the Electoral College voting system we have in these United States of America - and I have even seen some discussion about 'hijacking' the votes.

That would be disasterous.

The people have spoken. George W. Bush was duly re-elected President of the United States of America on November 2, 2004.

Let's move forward and work on healing this nation.

We need it.



Paul Harvey on Prayer

Somebody sent this to me, and I thought it was worth posting in its entirety:

Paul Harvey says:

"I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I'm not going to sue somebody for singing a Ho-Ho-Ho song in December.

I don't agree with Darwin, but I didn't go out and hire a lawyer when my high school teacher taught his theory of evolution.

Life, liberty or your pursuit of happiness will not be endangered because someone says a 30-second prayer before a football game.

So what's the big deal? It's not like somebody is up there reading the entire book of Acts.

They're just talking to a God they believe in and asking him to grant safety to the players on the field and the fans going home from the game.

"But it's a Christian prayer," some will argue. Yes, and this is the United States of America, a country founded on Christian principles.

According to our very own phone book, Christian churches outnumber all others better than 200-to-1. So what would you expect---somebody chanting Hare Krishna?

If I went to a football game in Jerusalem, I would expect to hear a Jewish prayer.

If I went to a soccer game in Baghdad, I would expect to hear a Muslim prayer.

If I went to a ping pong match in China, I would expect to hear someone pray to Buddha.

And I wouldn't be offended. It wouldn't bother me one bit. When in Rome... "But what about the atheists?" is another argument. What about them?

Nobody is asking them to be baptized. We're not going to pass the collection plate. Just humor us for 30 seconds. If that's asking too much, bring a Walkman or a pair of ear plugs. Go to the bathroom.

Visit the concession stand. Call your lawyer Unfortunately, one or two will make that call. One or two will tell thousands what they can and cannot do.

I don't think a short prayer at a football game is going to shake the world's foundations. Christians are just sick and tired of turning the other cheek while our courts strip us of all our rights. Our parents and grandparents taught us to pray before eating and to pray before we go to sleep.

Our Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. Now a handful of people and their lawyers are telling us to cease praying. God, help us.

And if that last sentence offends you, well..........just sue me. The silent majority has been silent too long. It's time we let that one or two who scream loud enough to be heard, that the vast majority don't care what they want.. it is time the majority rules!

It's time we tell them, you don't have to pray. You don't have to say the pledge of allegiance, you don't have to believe in God or attend services that honor Him. That is your right, and we will honor your right. But by golly, you are no longer going to take our rights away. We are fighting back....and we WILL WIN!

God bless us one and all, especially those who denounce Him. God bless America, despite all her faults, she is still the greatest nation of all. God bless our service men who are fighting to protect our right to pray and worship God. May 2004 be the year the silent majority is heard and we put God back as the foundation of our families and institutions.

well, it appears as if Mr. Harvey's words were taken to heart.

May we see in 2005 a continuance of this effort.

As Tiny Tim from Dicken's Christmas Carol said: God bless us one and all.



Ugly Reporting Wrongs Rumsfeld

Human Events Online Allan H. Ryskind had this to say and he is absolutely right:

It may not have been conscious sabotage of the defense secretary, but it's hard to believe otherwise.

Nowhere was the media's irresponsibility on the Iraq conflict more acutely demonstrated than in the barrage of ugly news reports on Donald Rumsfeld's exchange in Kuwait with Spc. Thomas Wilson, an exchange that is still reverberating across the country.

Hold the presses!

Let's rewind back to December 9, 2004, when Matt Drudge and, subsequently Desert Rat, were reporting that Chattanooga Times Free Press reporter Edward Lee Pitts, an embedded reporter, was filing a report about what took place that day.

Only problem is, and I remember this VERY clearly, Mistah Pitts is full of himself...and full of shit!

Read again Pitts words in his infamous, self-serving email titled "Way to go":

I just had one of my best days as a journalist today...While waiting for the VIP, I went and found the Sgt. in charge of the microphone for the question and answer session and made sure he knew to get my guys out of the crowd...(DR Note - Read: SETUP) So during the Q&A session, one of my guys was the second person called on. When he asked Rumsfeld...the place erupted in cheers so loud that Rumsfeld had to ask the guy to repeat his question.....The great part was that after the event was over the throng of national media following Rumsfeld- The New York Times, AP, all the major networks -- swarmed to the two soldiers I brought from the unit I am embedded with....From what I understand this is all over the news back home...


It's all about the reporter...

You know, my grandmother always used to say "the more things change...the more they stay the same....."

And she was right.

This thing didn't pass the smell test from Day One...

I rest my case.


President Bush's Press Conference

Hopefully you had a chance to listen to the press conference live as I did.

President Bush was great!

He's got the number of the media...he knows what they are up to when they ask their questions...and he didn't cut them any slack. It really was great to listen to.

I gotta tell ya, sometimes I worry about GW, but after listening to him today I am reassured that he KNOWS. He really does.

He is fully aware of the fun that is made of him (I noticed he made a point when he pronounced 'nuclear' - correctly - i was LOL) and the scrutiny he comes under by the MSM. In fact, he made several references to it...but he controlled the press conference and everyone there understood that fact.

They might not like him, but somewhere deep down I suspect - at least some of them - have respect for this President.

He keeps them guessing...something the MSM HATES...but he does it, and he does it well...and I found myself saying outloud several times - to no one in particular - "I LOVE this guy!"


About Those Un-Armored Humvees: Powerline

Powerline is reporting that the Humvee story isn't what it first appeared to be. They also have a link to the DOD Briefing, suggesting that you read it in its entirety - I suggest the same.

Quoting Hindrocket at Powerline: The overall impression I get is that the Army is responding appropriately to the risks posed by improvised explosive devices, and there is basically no story here.

Didja hear that? There is no story.

Now tell that to the MSM, who are on a feeding frenzy and will put anything forward if it will put Defense Secretary Rumsfeld in a bad light.

The really shameful thing about this whole mess is the members of the GOP that are jumping on the bandwagon.

I am taking names.


My Nomination for This Year's "Dumb Ass Award"

From AP News, the following story about a man who really should be looking for another profession:

Call it the case of the perfect clue. A man handed a note demanding money to a teller at the Wells Fargo Bank Thursday, took the money and fled.

Left behind was the note — written on the back of a paper from the state probation and parole department, complete with the man's name on it, Deputy Police Chief Brian O'Keefe said Friday.

The 60-year-old man was soon in custody.

His prior record?........he was on parole for bank robbery.

Now, THAT is stupid!


Milwaukee Journal Sentinal reported the story originally.


It's About Time


Desert Tusk has some additional comments on the subject.


California Secede from United States?

After LMAO I realized that this group of loonies is actually serious about seceeding from the U.S.

Obviously they haven't thought this idea completely through - one commenter noted they will have to develop their own currency; create an army, powerplants, coast guard; write a constitution and decide whether they are going to have a president, prime minister, or king; etc, etc.

I say let them go! (Of course, I am looking at it through different filters...we here in Arizona have always had our surf boards at the ready for the day that CA drops into the ocean and our desert landscaping turns into oceanfront property...) .... but I digress...

One guest columnist writes "..We experience a massive revenue drain which ultimately subsidizes other states." I would like an explanation to that comment. How is California subsidizing 'other states'?

The energy crisis a couple of years ago caused a great deal of consternation in Arizona because there was talk about building power plants in Arizona for California.

You see, the liberals in California don't want their landscapes 'littered' or 'cluttered' with power plants...they don't want nuclear plants in THEIR state...but it is just fine with them if a neighboring state, say - ARIZONA! - were to clutter their land with power plants and nuclear plants and ship the electricity to California - oh yea!

Their kooky system put price caps on the energy, so the energy companies eventually went broke, but their citizens didn't have to pay the going rate for their power...and when the entire system broke down, California was crying and looking to Arizona, Nevada and Oregon to come to their rescue.


MoveonCalifornia website has this to say "California people - California values".

What that says to me - and what every other thing that has ever happened when Californian's have a 'crisis' - is this: California people are only interested in THEMSELVES. Period!

Self centered, self serving snobs...

Go for it, CA...you will never be able to come to a consensus about anything and when you really are broke, you will come crying for help...but - as a member of separate nation - my response will be to you: "Go talk to your buddies at the U.N."



Send a Phone Card Today

If you still haven't done it - send a prepaid phone card TODAY to someone serving in the military so they can call home for Christmas!

All of the details are here from an earlier post so you can send a card to someone you know 'over there' or send a card to anyone that needs one in case you are fortunate enough to have everyone state-side this Christmas.

Your generosity will be greatly appreciated...



Wash Times: Grand jury probes Rich-Saddam link

Well, well, well....isn't this just so predictable?

Marc Rich - you remember him - if not, here is a refresher from a Time Magazine primer in 2001: President Clinton's eleventh-hour pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich has sparked a firestorm of controversy, launching investigations in both houses of Congress and igniting fierce protest from both Democrats and Republicans. The U.S. House and Senate have issued a rash of subpoenas calling for witnesses as well as financial records, as the House Government Reform Committee continued its hearings and the Senate Judiciary Committee geared up for its own proceedings....federal prosecutors in New York officially opened a criminal investigation into whether Rich did indeed buy his pardon with his ex-wife Denise's pointed largesse to the First Couple and the Democratic party.

So, now you are on the same page with me? Okay...fast forward to today:

The Washington Times is reporting: A federal grand-jury investigation of pardoned financier Marc Rich's role in the U.N. oil-for-food scandal has focused on whether he helped Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein reward the families of Palestinian bombers who carried out suicide attacks in Israel, sources said yesterday.

Oh yea, it is complicated - but oh, so predictable...Clinton and the Criminals...

Law-enforcement authorities and congressional investigators said the grand jury wants to know whether cash funneled to Saddam by oil traders — including Mr. Rich — to help arrange multimillion-dollar Iraqi oil deals for political leaders and well-heeled investors was used by the now-deposed dictator to pay the bombers' families.

We all know that Clinton allowed himself to be compromised by shady characters and shady deals just as long as the money continued to flow in his direction...but this - even I didn't fathom.

The story continues: The grand-jury probe centers on questions of whether Mr. Rich, pardoned by President Clinton on his last day in office in a pending $48 million income-tax-evasion case, brokered millions of dollars in deals between Saddam and other traders as part of the oil-for-food scandal, the sources said.


So now we know.

The pardoned criminal continued on his crime spree...and now he is involved - to WHATEVER extent - in blood money paid to murderers...

oh ya...Bubba is rich - he reminds us lowly schmucks every chance he (and his wife) get just how rich they are and how much taxes they have to pay...and a tax-evading criminal was pardoned and allowed to go his way...only to find out that he was involved in the U.N. oil-for-food-illegal-contract-payments-scheme that allowed Saddam Hussein to pay murdering bomber's families blood money for blowing innocent people to bloody, little, tiny pieces...

and people are even daring to consider Bubba's wife, Hillary, as a serious candidate for President of the United States of America??



"Muslim Creep" is Beginning to Affect the World

Once again we are reminded of what I am now calling "muslim creep" in not only the nation but the world:

Earlier this month, an elementary school in the city of Treviso decided that Little Red Riding Hood would be this year's Christmas play instead of the traditional Christmas story.

The teachers said the famous tale was a fitting representation of the struggle between good and evil and would not offend Muslim children. The school's traditional nativity scene was scrapped for the same reason.


Last month I posted about the dangers of "muslim creep".

If you remember, the rhetorical question of the day was ''When did this happen? When did 6 million Muslims get here and what are they planning to do?'' (as articulated by the French and the English)

Okay, I feel that this is an appropriate time to make sure that everyone understands that I don't have an axe to grind with people of the muslim persuasion...BUT...(and that is a very 'loud' "but")...I DO have a problem with anyone that is intent on messing with my traditions (which translates into the traditions of the country that I reside in) to the extent that THEIR traditions are now overriding MY traditions.

Know what I mean??

Barbara J. Stocker, the author that I referenced in last month's post had some very relevent...very IMPORTANT...issues that you need to start paying attention to!

Approximately 33% of the world is Christian and 20% is Muslim, based on figures for the year 2000. The number of Muslims is growing at an alarming rate. Muslims immigrated to peaceful, mostly Christian countries in Europe where they had large families that were reasonably safe from the ravages of their own strict religious teachings. At least these Muslims were safe until the radical element migrated from the oppressive Middle Eastern countries and began exerting its power over the masses and started menacing the indigenous populations that took Muslims in and welcomed them over the years. The mind-control of the clerics over the average Muslim is frightening and total.

Ms. Stocker continues, and I wholeheartedly agree: Belief in God or Jesus cannot be forced on someone; it must come from the heart. Forced conversion is not done out of love, but fear. Islam can control one's body, but it cannot control one's thoughts. Converts that are forced will not stay with Islam. They will leave it at the first opportunity.

The problem, though, still exists....trusting people - WORLDWIDE - are listening to the heretics and extremists of Islam...and, if it continues at this pace, I fear that it will have a devasting effect at some convergance point in the future....

Awareness...caution...sounding the alarm...that is what we all need to be paying attention to at this time...and if we do...hopefully we can thwart another "September 11th - ish" style of attack...not only here...but abroad as well..........



Sorta Reminds Me of that Old Joke...

...you remember the one...

about the guy that couldn't find a girlfriend so his friends bought him a blow up doll, saying he was too dumb to know the difference...

...when they asked him how things were going...

he said, "well it was all going just fine until one night I pinched her...then she farted and flew out the wondow!"

okay, okay...I'll keep my day job...


More of Moore

Still on the mailing list of Michael Moore and company (ie: George Soros), I received the following from Moore today.

The letter is very interesting, hopefully you will read it all, as I have copied it here in its entirety.

The hilarious thing is his blatant plea for a vote for F9/11 in the People's Choice Awards...what a whore for attention he is...

Dear Friends,
It is no surprise that the Republicans are sore winners. They have spent the better part of the past month beating their chests, threatening to send to Siberia any Republican who doesn’t toe the line (poor Arlen Specter), and promising everything short of martial law if the Democrats don’t do what they are told.
What’s worse is to watch the pathetic sight of the DLC (the conservative, pro-corporate group of Democrats) apologizing for being Democrats and promising to “purge” the party of the likes of, well, all of US! Their comments are so hilarious and really not even worth recognizing but the media is paying so much attention to them, I thought it might be worth doing a little reality check.
The most people the DLC is able to get out to an event of theirs is about 200 at their annual dinner (where you have to pay thousands of dollars to get in).
Contrast this with the following:
* Total Members of Move On: More than 2,000,000* Total Attendance at Vote for Change Concerts: An estimated 280,000* Total Union Members in U.S.: Around 16,000,000* Total Number of People Who Have Seen “Fahrenheit 9/11”: Over 50 million* Total Number of You Reading This: Perhaps 10 million or more
The days of trying to move the Democratic Party to the right are over. We lost a very close election (a one-state difference) by running the #1 liberal in the Senate. Not bad. The country is shifting in our direction, not to the right. But the country was attacked and people were scared. They were manipulated with fear. And America has never thrown a sitting president out during wartime. That’s the facts. Oh, and our candidate could have run a better campaign (but we’ll have that discussion another day).
In the meantime, while we reflect on what went wrong, I would like to pass on to you an essay that a friend who works with abuse victims sent to me. It was written by a woman who has spent years working as an advocate for victims of domestic abuse and she sees many parallels between her work and the reaction of many Democrats to last month’s election. Her name is Mel Giles and here is what she had to say…
Watch Dan Rather apologize for not getting his facts straight, humiliated before the eyes of America, voluntarily undermining his credibility and career of over thirty years. Observe Donna Brazille squirm as she is ridiculed by Bay Buchanan, and pronounced irrelevant and nearly non-existent. Listen as Donna and Nancy Pelosi and Senator Charles Schumer take to the airwaves saying that they have to go back to the drawing board and learn from their mistakes and try to be better, more likable, more appealing, have a stronger message, speak to morality. Watch them awkwardly quote the bible, trying to speak the ‘new’ language of America. Surf the blogs, and read the comments of dismayed, discombobulated, confused individuals trying to figure out what they did wrong. Hear the cacophony of voices, crying out, "Why did they beat me?"
And then ask anyone who has ever worked in a domestic violence shelter if they have heard this before.
They will tell you: Every single day.
The answer is quite simple. They beat us because they are abusers. We can call it hate. We can call it fear. We can say it is unfair. But we are looped into the cycle of violence, and we need to start calling the dominating side what they are: abusive. And we need to recognize that we are the victims of verbal, mental, and even, in the case of Iraq, physical violence.
As victims we can't stop asking ourselves what we did wrong. We can't seem to grasp that they will keep hitting us and beating us as long as we keep sticking around and asking ourselves what we are doing to deserve the beating.
Listen to George Bush say that the will of God excuses his behavior. Listen, as he refuses to take responsibility, or express remorse, or even once, admit a mistake. Watch him strut, and tell us that he will only work with those who agree with him, and that each of us is only allowed one question (soon, it will be none at all; abusers hit hard when questioned; the press corps can tell you that). See him surround himself with only those who pledge oaths of allegiance. Hear him tell us that if we will only listen and do as he says and agree with his every utterance, all will go well for us (it won't; we will never be worthy).
And watch the Democratic Party leadership walk on eggshells, try to meet him, please him, wash the windows better, get out that spot, distance themselves from gays and civil rights. See the Democrats cry for the attention and affection and approval of the President and his followers. Watch us squirm. Watch us descend into a world of crazy-making, where logic does not work and the other side tells us we are nuts when we rely on facts. A world where, worst of all, we begin to believe we are crazy.
How to break free? Again, the answer is quite simple.
First, you must admit you are a victim. Then, you must declare the state of affairs unacceptable. Next, you must promise to protect yourself and everyone around you that is being victimized. You don't do this by responding to their demands, or becoming more like them, or engaging in logical conversation, or trying to persuade them that you are right. You also don't do this by going catatonic and resigned, by closing up your ears and eyes and covering your head and submitting to the blows, figuring its over faster and hurts less if you don't resist and fight back.
Instead, you walk away. You find other folks like yourself, 57 million of them, who are hurting, broken, and beating themselves up. You tell them what you've learned, and that you aren't going to take it anymore. You stand tall, with 57 million people at your side and behind you, and you look right into the eyes of the abuser and you tell him to go to hell. Then you walk out the door, taking the kids and gays and minorities with you, and you start a new life. The new life is hard. But it's better than the abuse.
We have a mandate to be as radical and liberal and steadfast as we need to be. The progressive beliefs and social justice we stand for, our core, must not be altered. We are 57 million strong. We are building from the bottom up. We are meeting, on the net, in church basements, at work, in small groups, and right now, we are crying, because we are trying to break free and we don't know how.
Any battered woman in America, any oppressed person around the globe who has defied her oppressor will tell you this: There is nothing wrong with you. You are in good company. You are safe. You are not alone. You are strong. You must change only one thing: Stop responding to the abuser.
Don't let him dictate the terms or frame the debate (he'll win, not because he's right, but because force works). Sure, we can build a better grassroots campaign, cultivate and raise up better leaders, reform the election system to make it fail-proof, stick to our message, learn from the strategy of the other side. But we absolutely must dispense with the notion that we are weak, godless, cowardly, disorganized, crazy, too liberal, naive, amoral, "loose,” irrelevant, outmoded, stupid and soon to be extinct. We have the mandate of the world to back us, and the legacy of oppressed people throughout history.
Even if you do everything right, they'll hit you anyway. Look at the poor souls who voted for this nonsense. They are working for six dollars an hour if they are working at all, their children are dying overseas and suffering from lack of health care and a depleted environment and a shoddy education.
And they don't even know they are being hit.
How true. And that is our challenge over the next couple of years; to hold out our hand to those being hit the hardest and help them leave behind a party that only seeks to keep beating them, their children, and the kid next door who’s on his way to Iraq.
Michael Moore
P.S. There are only a few hours left if you want to vote for “Fahrenheit 9/11” in the People’s Choice Awards (online voting is cut off at 3pm Eastern Time today). Go...vote

....there it is...the Mouthpiece of Hatred crawls out from under his rock just in time to pimp his movie...

(Note: I deleted Moore's link to the People Choice Awards)


More from the Unbelievable Category (or IS it?)

Ted Rall, political cartoonist and columnist, who appears to be on either a huge ego trip or carrying out a death wish (as far as his career is concerned) just won't stop. First the NY Times drops his cartoons for content, then the Washington Post drops him after his comic strip depicting Republican-dominated American politics as a "classroom in which mentally handicapped children are mainstreamed"--complete with mocking pictures of drooling special-needs students. Many parents of real-life special-needs students took notice.

Next Rall went on a rant about Kerry supporters being smarter than Bush voters. Unbelievable.

The Weekly Standard is reporting what Rall had to say when he appeared on NPR and co-host Barbara Bogaev had invited him on to defend "what some might say" was the "smug elitism" of his published "rant" about the cerebral inferiority of Bush voters.

Was Rall repentant? ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, he went into a further discussion defending the position he had taken:

I do think that it's important for the intellectual elite to be proud of what we do. Those of us who are in the punditry class, those of us who live in the big coastal cities, we do have access to better information than people in the Midwest. If you read the Toledo Blade, you don't get as much high-quality information as you do if you read the New York Times. But I do think Hank is absolutely right when you talk about the need to, obviously, to communicate with people. The way that that's going to happen is to stop overintellectualizing issues, and to tap into the sort of hot-button emotional responses that were so successful for liberals through the '60s and '70s. And then somehow we started becoming all intellectual and arguing facts and, you know, facts don't really work with the electorate because unfortunately, let's face it, the electorate is mostly stupid.

He went on:

Isn't it kind of intellectually dishonest on the part of Democrats, especially people who are well informed and who are journalists, to try to pretend that they know less than they do? People who are busy working 52 hours a week don't really have the time to watch CNN and MSNBC and Fox News every day all day long like I do. They're not reading Libération or Le Monde like I do.


The unmitigated gall of the creep almost leaves me speechless...

...but wait! there's more!

Another guest on the show, Democratic media consultant Hank Sheinkopf, had THIS to say:

"In order for Democrats to thrive again," he sighs, "unfortunately we're gonna need some economic problems that are more severe, and we're gonna need a belief that people have to be protected, that market forces are not sufficient. And a couple of good downturns in the economy in the Midwest would be a lot helpful."

Don't ever...EVER...tell me again that Democrats aren't wishing and praying (well, maybe not praying...who would they pray to?) for a disaster to befall the country so that they can benefit at others' bad fortune...

...this is so revealing...and disgusting...and enlightening...and revolting...

I am sooooooooooo glad that I live in 'fly-over' country...that I am considered stupid by these creeps...that I can look myself in the mirror at night....and that I go to sleep thanking God for the good life that I have...

...these people need more help than any PEST "specialist" can ever give them....their problems didn't begin with the fact that George W. Bush won the election...it goes much, much, much deeper than that...and there is nothing...NOTHING...that we could ever do to help them...


You Are Safe: Zippos Banned From Airlines

Well, Rush got it right again:

Now that the intelligence reform bill has passed, you can set aside any lingering concerns you have, folks. You’re safe. Some of you were afraid to fly even though airport security operations were federalized, despite the new screening process — including taking off your shoes; having carry-on bags examined; getting pat-downs which some women find embarrassing. But you weren’t safe. But now, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of Democrat Senators Ron Wyden and Byron Dorgan, the #1 threat facing airline passengers has been eliminated: butane lighters.

Yes, my friends, when President Bush signs the Intel bill into law, the clock starts ticking. Two months later, such lighters will be banned. You want to fly with lighters, do it now. Passengers will be forbidden from bringing these hideous weapons aboard commercial aircraft. You smokers: if you’ve got any lighters in your carry-on bags, throw them out and stock up on matches because those are still allowed.

The lighter ban was sparked when Senator Dorgan learned the TSA allowed passengers to board with two butane lighters and four books of matches. He says he asked himself: “What have they been drinking?” Obviously, it wasn’t the same happy juice the Senate’s been guzzling.

Yes, these guys are patting themselves on the back for banning lighters though they refused to fix loopholes allowing illegal aliens to obtain drivers licenses: the ID that lets them board the planes in the first place! Like the 63 valid licenses the 9/11 hijackers had. But now we’re supposed to genuflect before our brave, all wise, butane-lighter-banning Senate, my friends, because, hallelujah! We’re finally safe. Isn't legislation great? I don't know about you, but I want to have a party.

couldn't have said it better myself...


More Insight on the Shadow Party...

Ben Johnson over at FrontPage magazine has a very good article on what was earlier reported here of the hostile takeover of the Democratic Party by the MoveOn group.

One significant fact that I failed to mention the other day is the George Soros connection to MoveOn. It is actually Soros' money that MoveOn is referencing when saying "We bought it, we own it" to the DNC.

According to Johnson, The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer (no conservative, she) quotes an unidentified friend describing the billionaire leftist’s modus operandi: “Money is just a tool for him. It’s how he manipulates a lot of things in his life.” Soros spent $18 million in his attempt to buy this year’s presidential election. Now he’s setting his sights a little lower, but his desire to “manipulate” our democracy remains.

This is definitely an area we need to pay close attention to folks...as Johnson concludes:

When asked why he dedicated so much of his personal fortune into opposing President Bush, Soros said, “This is the most important election of my lifetime. These aren’t normal times. The ends justify every legal means possible.” Presumably, including buying a political party. Having already “bought” the party, Soros now wants the Democrats to pick someone who will allow him to act as its absentee owner. He wants to place the party formally under the control of the Shadow Party.

“I want my ideas to be heard,” Soros has pined. If MoveOn PAC successfully influences the party faithful in choosing the DNC chair, Soros’ ideas may find a new outlet. That may represent a great return on investment for George Soros, but it would be disastrous for Democrats…and America.


It's a Damn Shame...

You've heard the news by now...text of White House press secretary Scott McClellan's statement announcing Bernard Kerik's withdrawal as nominee to become secretary of the Department of Homeland Security:

Commissioner Kerik informed the White House this evening that he is withdrawing his name for personal reasons for consideration for secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. The president respects his decision, and wishes Conmmissioner Kerik and his wife, Hala, well.

This is nothing new, folks, as you well remember in earlier days...

Mr. Kerik's so-called "nanny problem" led to the withdrawal of three Cabinet nominations during the Clinton administration, including Zoe Baird, an attorney who was President Clinton's first choice as attorney general; Lani Guinier, a Clinton classmate at Yale University Law School who had been tapped to head the Justice Department's civil rights division; and Kimba Wood, a U.S. District Court judge who was Mr. Clinton's second choice for attorney general.

Apparently Kerik has been counseling with friend and former NY mayor Giuliani, who stated "I don't think this would be as major an issue if it were a different department of government."

It really is too bad. I think Kerik would have done a fine job as Homeland Security Secretary...



Reminder: Tomorrow - Dec. 11 - is the deadline for getting mail to our troops by Christmas

The Department of Defense announced a while ago the recommended mailing dates for ensuring that your holiday cards and packages for service members arrive overseas in time for the holiday season.

First Class Mail Letters/Cards as well as Priority Mail should be in the mail tomorrow if you want it to get there by Christmas.

Operation Shoe Box, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization has a worthy goal: A package for every soldier, sailor, airman, and marine. They are in need of donations, which you can make on their website. Please help them spread the word.

You can also go to the Military Exchange website and purchase prepaid phone cards for soldiers so they can call home. You can PURCHASE A PREPAID CARD to include with your package, or SEND A PREPAID CARD (I have done this - it works well and is greatly appreciated).

...and if you don't know anyone, there are several choices to send cards for specific cases:



FOR MILITARY TROOPS Deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) / Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)



worthy causes that should help you get in the Christmas spirit...


Dooms Day Here We Come!

Putting an exclamation point on my earlier post, PBS’ retiring Bill Moyers reinforces what I was discussing this morning:

"I'm going out telling the story that I think is the biggest story of our time: how the right-wing media has become a partisan propaganda arm of the Republican National Committee," says Moyers. "We have an ideological press that's interested in the election of Republicans, and a mainstream press that's interested in the bottom line. Therefore, we don't have a vigilant, independent press whose interest is the American people."

That’s just about the most ridiculous statement I have heard – ever! Give conservatives…Republicans…a little leg up and the entire left-wing chorus is heading straight to the loony bin.

Oddly enough, Moyers thinks that we are headed towards doomsday, apparently buying into the “We are Doomed!” message that has been coming from the Michael Moore crowd.

Why journalists cast a blind eye towards the biased reporting that continues to flow from all the left-leaning sources is your guess as good as mine.

They are all so full of self-love, narcissistic, “give-me-another-award-for-the-fabulous-job-I-do-every-day” approach to things, it is no wonder the media gets along so well with the Hollywood kooks. They are all cut from the same cloth!

I am reminded of the hysterical accusations that Republicans were using ‘terror tactics’ during this last election. That ain’t nothing baby compared to what we are seeing and hearing now and what appears to be the direction the Lefties are taking this…

The shrieking and howling from the left isn’t going to subside anytime soon…it is increasing in volume on a daily basis – better get used to it....



Matt Drudge is reporting that the soldiers that asked questions in an effort to embarrass Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld were plants from an embedded reporter.

As a local talk show host, Bruce Jacobs of KFYI, noted this morning - it is a good thing that Rumsfeld got the message, but the way that it was done is disgraceful.

It seems that the MSM is all about degrading this administration, even to the point of reporting anything and everything that makes this country look bad.

The reporter, Edward Lee Pitts, is crowing about his 'success' in an email that is posted on the Drudge website.

This isn't reporting the news...this reporter is making himself the news...and from everything that I learned over the years, that goes against all the ethics of news reporting.


MoveOn to Democratic Party: 'We Own It'

Liberal powerhouse MoveOn has a message for the "professional election losers" who run the Democratic Party: "We bought it, we own it, we're going to take it back."

A scathing e-mail from the head of MoveOn's political action committee to the group's supporters on Thursday targets outgoing Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe as a tool of corporate donors who alienated both traditional and progressive Democrats.

Just who is MoveOn?

Well, according to their website press room:

Michael Moore will Star in MoveOn Town Hall Meetings

MoveOn Members to Bake Back the White House

and, MoveOn is the group that sponsored all those artists that went across the country singing their hatred against President Bush.

They also are notifying us that "members voted to prioritize efforts to remove barriers to voting, such as requiring electronic voting machines to produce paper receipts"

AND they are going after Fox News. Yes, that wascally right-wing Fox News is in the crosshairs once again: They also vowed to pursue ways to create a media counterbalance to right-tilting Fox News.

Don't you think it's funny that liberals, still trying to figure out exactly WHY they lost the election, automatically point their fingers at Fox News, that bastion of right-wing-think-tank-operations, and set their sights on bringing it down.

I mean, after ALL THESE YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS of left-tilting ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Public Access television, NPR....now one channel takes a fair and balanced - yes, I said fair and balanced - approach to the delivery of the news and liberals go crazy.

But I digress...

MoveOn has put Republicans on notice:

Failure Nov. 2 has mobilized Democrats to ensure success the next time

If Republicans, especially the most conservative and retrograde of them, expect liberal democratic, environmental, legal and social justice activists to fade away, they can forget about it.
Tough progressives are recovering quickly from their election disappointment. They are understanding what went wrong with the anemic Kerry-Edwards effort and how poorly managed it was. But most important, they are mobilizing for change and impact.

This actually came from an article in the Albuquerque Tribune, but MoveOn linked to it on their press page.

This guy, Steve Lawrence, really needs help. The counseling type. When writing about Kerry he states:

The candidate, though a combat veteran and hero, chose inexplicably to hide. The candidate, though a profoundly moral man, allowed the so-called "values" debate to be captured by extremists who would crush honest science and have us believe that God is on only their side.

Apparently Lawrence's vision of the future is one great big huge commune with everyone wearing braids and going to the community kitchen for herbal tea and tofu:

The Democratic Party will need new faces, new energy and new spirit to accomplish all this and take back the country. Meanwhile, thousands of local groups across the nation are pushing forward with their own agendas. They are fighting polluters, establishing cooperatives and community agriculture, ensuring that local law enforcement does not abuse its power, providing for those in need, educating us all in new ways of coming together to further our highest values and most compassionate instincts.
This is where we go from here. This is what's next.
Bring it on.

ya, bring it on! I would love to mix it up with you, Johnny....

So there you have it. The Democratic Party is now on notice that it has new owners.

Sorta like a hostile takeover, wouldn't you agree? Why, those Libs are mimicking the very corporations they despise so much...

I say let the party begin...




David Stoltzfus, along with his wife Nina, opened their market stand 2 years ago and hung a picture of the President - as in "President Bush" - in their place of business.

Two years go by and all of a sudden, last month in fact, Stoltzfus was approached by a Lancaster City Councilman who demanded that they take the picture of the President of the United States of America down.

That's right! Councilman Nelson Polite told him to remove the picture of the president, saying “Bush didn’t win here (in Lancaster City, PA). It is like rubbing salt on a wound.”

“I’m just trying to sell a few cakes and give honor to the president,’’ he (Stoltzfus) says.

But Polite, a Democrat, says the photos should go.

When he approached Stoltzfus three weeks ago, he said the photo offended him and city Democrats.


And can somebody tell me just exactly when this country became the Soviet Union??

Luckily, there are supporters - on the city council, in the marketplace - that are speaking out, but this guy is just one more example of "Uber-Left-Liberalism" gone mad.....


thanks to RushLimbaugh for this tip

Coulter: The New and Improved Racism

Ann Coulter has a must read column today at FrontPage magazine about the recent racist attacks by liberals on Condoleeza Rice, and now Clarence Thomas.

Still furious about the election, liberals are lashing out at blacks. First it was Condoleezza Rice. But calling a Ph.D. who advised a sitting president during war "Aunt Jemima" apparently hasn't satiated the Democrats' rage. Even the racist cartoons didn't help.

So this week, they've turned with a vengeance to Clarence Thomas. Only the Democrats would try to distract from their racist attacks on one black Republican by leveling racist attacks against a different black Republican. If Democrats don't nip this in the bud, soon former Klanner and Democratic Sen. Bob Byrd will be their spokesman.

Never one to mince words, Coulter really hits the nail on the head: Liberals at least give white Republicans credit for being evil. Rumsfeld is a dangerous warmonger, Paul Wolfowitz is part of an international Jewish conspiracy, Dick Cheney is "Dr. No." But Dr. Rice? She's a dummy.

So what is it with these racist idiots? Coulter reminds us:

The late Mary McGrory, a white liberal, called Scalia "a brilliant and compelling extremist" – as opposed to McGrory herself, a garden-variety extremist of average intelligence. But Thomas she dismissed as "Scalia's puppet," quoting another white liberal, Alvin J. Bronstein of the American Civil Liberties Union, to make the point. This is the kind of rhetoric liberals are reduced to when they just can't bring themselves to use the n-word.

Zev Chafets at the NY Daily News agrees and goes further with the argument that because these black Americans dare to be conservative, they are also drawing fire from the black liberal community. Chafets writes:

More popular figures than Thomas have been pilloried by the black establishment for committing Republican heresy: Jackie Robinson, James Brown, Sammy Davis and Colin Powell all come to mind. Now, emboldened, whites have deputized themselves in the fight against black thought crime.

Thomas once said of such race-based slander, "Though being underestimated has its advantages, the stench of racial inferiority still confounds my olfactory nerves." Or in simple English, for the benefit of Sen. Reid, it stinks.

Pathetic as this is, it really does appear that these focused attacks are revealing a terrible truth - Liberals are Racists.

And, as far as I am concerned, nothing they can say or do will fix what they have already done to smear good people that are doing good work.


Hmmmm...that wouldn't have been MY choice...

Germans prefer money to sex, a new survey for Playboy magazine shows.

Asked whether next year they would prefer more money, more regular sex or extra free time, 62 percent of the 1,000 Germans polled opted for cash, compared with just six percent choosing sex. Twenty-six percent plumped for free time.

The full survey results will be published Wednesday in the German edition of Playboy for January.


somehow, I just can't picture myself giving the same answer...had I been asked...



We Had More Choices Than I Was Aware Of...

Among the unsuccessful 2004 write-in presidential candidates (according to a November report on NJ.com):

Jack Grimes of Maryland, who admires the leadership methodology of Saddam Hussein but would rely on telepathy and astrology to make tough presidential decisions;

Sterling Allan of Utah, who alphabetized and then numbered every word in the Bible and said that the codes he produced told him to return the United States to the gold standard, among other insights;

and Randy Crow of North Carolina, who says that despite a government-implanted chip in his brain, his administration would crush the "Omega Agency," which steals from people, which staged the Sept. 11 attacks, and which may have the ability to vaporize everyone. [NJ.com, 9-1-04]





McAuliffe Crawls Out From Under Rock to Hurl Insults at House Republicans

During what was supposed to be a day to pay tribute to our fallen at Pearl Harbor, Terry McAuliffe - who is STILL chair of the Democrat National Committee - decided to use the opportunity while addressing the nation to slam House Republicans:

"While we as a nation are united in this fight, there are clearly deep divisions within the Republican Party, divisions that are impeding our fight against terrorism."

Of COURSE it is the Republican Party, Terry!

Never mind that you, McAuliffe, supported Michael Moore's harebrained assertion that the United States went to war in Afghanistan "not to avenge the terrorist attacks of September 11 but instead to assure that the Unocal Corporation could build a natural gas pipeline across Afghanistan for the financial benefit of Vice President Dick Cheney and former Enron chief Kenneth Lay."

Forget about the fact that a recent USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll gives President Bush a personal favorability rating of 60 percent, and 55 percent now approve of his job.

David Horowitz delivered a revealing speech at Georgetown University on October 14, 2004, and spoke about what he calls an "unholy alliance" between radical Islam and the American left, and its effect on the politics of the Democratic Party.

Horowitz quotes Osama bin Laden, who last year said: "The interests of Muslims and the interests of the socialists coincide in the war against the crusaders."

He was referring to the fact that, four weeks earlier, millions of leftists had poured into the streets of Europe's capitals and also into the streets of Washington and San Francisco and New York. Their goal was to prevent the United States and Britain from toppling Saddam Hussein. They chanted "no blood for oil"; they called the United States "the world's greatest terrorist state"; they called the American government an "Axis of Evil"; and they compared the American president to Adolph Hitler.

Interesting facts, McAuliffe...perhaps you should take the time to read them before you get in front of a microphone again.

It's always easy to demonize your detractors...and maybe the goal with McAuliffe and his band of thugs is to distract rather than deal with the issues...he has become a master at throwing out red herrings when the issues get too close to home.

But the facts are here for anyone to find...the real impediments to our fight against terrorism, have been - WILL ALWAYS BE - the ones coming at us from the Left...

... trying to paint THAT reality any other color than it is will always appear as a whitewash to those of us watching from this vantage point...


It's About Time...

The Washington Times is reporting today: "House Republicans call for Annan to step down"

Rep. Roger Wicker, the Mississippi Republican who introduced a resolution yesterday calling for Mr. Annan to resign, recognizes "I don't think we'll get all the facts as long as Mr. Annan is remaining at the helm."

I say the sooner that Annan steps down, the better...There is growing evidence that Saddam used his illegal oil-for-food revenue to bribe officials in France, Russia and other nations. It also has been revealed that Mr. Annan's son Kojo accepted money from a Swiss company that had a contract with the oil-for-food program.

Arizona Representative, Jeff Flake, and other Republicans say the United Nations is not cooperating with investigators, is withholding information, and has denied Mr. Volcker's investigation any subpoena power to get information.

"I'm convinced that the only way we can ensure the U.N.'s full cooperation is with the threat of withholding our funding," Mr. Flake said.

Rep. Flake is pushing legislation that would tie the United States' U.N. funding to the organization's cooperation with investigators.

Under Mr. Flake's bill, which has 77 co-sponsors, Congress would withhold 10 percent of its U.N. funding in fiscal 2005 and 20 percent in fiscal 2006, until President Bush certifies that the United Nations has agreed to certain standards laid out in the bill. The bill calls for full disclosure of documents related to the oil-for-food program, asks U.N. officials to waive diplomatic immunity, and asks any U.N. official who benefited from the program to reimburse the full amount that was improperly received.

It really IS time for this to get straightened out.


Remembering...and Honoring...the Fallen....of The December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor Attack

Sixty-three years ago today, another attack on Americans took place...in Pearl Harbor on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

National Geographic has an excellent multi-media map and timeline that walks you through the attack that fateful day that the United States was forced to join the fighting in World War II.

On that day, 2,390 lives were lost.

The U S S Arizona still lies at the bottom of Pearl Harbor; oil still leaks and bubbles to the water's surface.

An eyewitness account describes the horror of the attack those 63 years ago.

Today, I honor the lost soldiers of the Pearl Harbor attack.



Men (and Women) in a Man's World...

Just like Tom Daschle, Tom Brokaw is now on the "out list" - and both are from South Dakota. Brokaw's replacement, Brian Williams, was born in Elmira, N.Y.

I like Brian Williams - at least, he hasn't given me any reason to dislike him. Of course, I am not a regular viewer of his, but the times that I have seen him in action weren't an indicator that he was trying persuade his viewers of his point of view. He seems like a regular guy to me.

Then there's New York Times Prime Time Whiner, biting critic, and downright mean Maureen Dowd - still looking at the world through her feminism filters - quoting Brokaw: "I honestly thought, eight or nine years ago, that when we left," Mr. Brokaw said, referring to himself, Peter and Dan Rather, "that it would be the end of white male anchor time."

Dowd's reaction? Nah. Those guys are hard to kill off. Indeed, white men are ascendant in Red State America.

What is it with that woman? She seems like she is stuck in some kind of time warp with no way out.

Dowd does shed a little light on how her belief system has become so entrenched in hating men: her mother. As my mom said, discussing her belief that Martha Stewart had been railroaded by jealous men, "If men could figure out how to have babies, they'd get rid of us altogether."

uh, NO Maureen, it is a little more complicated than that...~g

you gotta almost feel a little sorry for Dowd, she must be feeling like someone that just walked into an empty room, seeing all the empty beer bottles and potato chip bags, wondering where the party moved to.

Dowd, trying desperately to raise the feminist alarm: Even if I felt like raising a ruckus about Boys Nation, who would care? Feminism lasted for a nanosecond, but the backlash has lasted 30 years.

....Where would you even lodge a feminist protest these days?.... I checked around for feminist outrage, but couldn't find any. Women told me the nightly news was an anachronism, so why shouldn't the anchor be? "Caring about having a woman in the showcase or figurehead role seems so 80's," one said.

Maybe it's time to let her know that women have moved out of the victim era and onto something much more powerful: embracing their feminine side.

Hey, if it worked for men, why shouldn't women have the same opportunity?



This is pretty funny....

This is what you get if you Google "Arabian Gulf"...

On Monday Iran threatened Al-Jazeera television with action for an online animated cartoon showing an Iranian cleric ignoring regional problems in favour of taking action over what to call the Gulf.

...they've even gone so far as to uninvite National Geographic's Susan Welchman from their "Art and Prayer Festival", saying also that National Geographic sales are BANNED in Iran until the reference in the latest issue of National Geographic's atlas, which refers to the stretch of water between them and the Arabian peninsula as "The Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf)", is corrected.

and France wants to sell these guys nuclear materials...??



Bloggahland - Oh Yea!

As a minuscule contributor to Bloggahland, I only discovered this map yesterday...


Advice from an American ex-patriot in Canada: "If you're thinking about coming to Canada, let me give you some advice: Don't."

Nora Jacobson wrote Sunday in the Washington Post the following:

But after nearly four years as an American in the Great White North, I've learned it's not all beer and doughnuts. If you're thinking about coming to Canada, let me give you some advice: Don't.

Nora is obviously speaking from her heart to the American people, as evidenced in her closing paragraph:

Right after the election, many asked me if I would now apply for Canadian citizenship.

I don't intend to do that, because experiencing the anti-Americanism I've described has been instructive: Living here and coping with it has forced me to confront my own feelings about America. And it's helped me discover what I do value about it: its contradictions, its eccentricities, its expansive spirit, all the intensity and opportunity of a deeply flawed, widely inconsistent, but always interesting country. Perhaps I am a typical American, after all.

my grandmother always said...you can take a pig out of the country...but you can't take the country outta the pig!

...or... something like that....


Netherlands Is Euthanizing Newborns

Ten thousands protestors demonstrate outside Dutch government buildings as the Upper House of Parliament debates the legalization of euthanasia at The Hague, Netherlands, in an April 10, 2001 file photo. Groningen Academic Hospital in the Netherlands _ the first nation to permit euthanasia _ recently proposed guidelines for mercy killings of terminally ill newborns, and then made a startling revelation: It has already begun carrying out such procedures, which include administering a lethal dose of sedatives. (AP Photo/Serge Ligtenberg, File)

so, I ask you...what's to stop anyone from euthanizing an 'unwanted' newborn? Who is deciphering the criteria?


thanks to Drudge


The Sleeping World Is Awakening to the Dangers of Islam

Rightsided Newsletter has a column by Barbara J. Stock...it is a must read.

Here is but an exerpt:

If Bin Laden has done one good thing in his wretched life, it was to poke a stick in the eye of the world by bringing his radical beliefs forward and urging his followers to commit violent acts. It has taken some time for people to begin taking a look at Muslims in their own areas, but it is happening. The French and the English are beginning to ask themselves, ''When did this happen? When did 6 million Muslims get here and what are they planning to do?''

There have been many trying to sound the alarm, but until recently no one took their warnings seriously. I am not going to re-print the entire article, it is easy enough for you to go the the link and read it for yourself.


Report Links 9/11 Attacks, Madrid Bombings

The Washington Times is reporting:

An unidentified Muslim militant suspected of helping plan the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States also ordered this year's Madrid train bombings, a Spanish newspaper said Sunday, asserting the closest link yet between the two terrorist attacks.


THESE are Great Americans...

...we hear a lot of people say "you are a great American" - and they usually are, for a variety of reasons...
...but, when you think about it, that phrase really is most applicable to our military, still fighting to preserve our freedoms.....


Waiting for the Company to Arrive...

...and I was listening to a replay of a Sean Hannity radio show when he had Janeane Garofolo on...what a dope-head she is! Literally!

Ms. Garofolo bragged about being on Adderall - which is amphetamines - legalized speed.

So THAT'S how she lost all that weight....heh

Her blathering has taken on new meaning for me. What a joke...


Give Thanks...

just couldn't resis this one....

and who could forget that momentous
trip last year at this time?...

Happy Thanksgiving!


"These Christians could at least have the good grace to accept that they lost the argument."

So commented an EU official when discussing the fact that over 1 million christians have signed a petition calling for changes to the constitution recognising Europe's Christian heritage.

The article reports that:

Refusing to accept a secular "fait accompli" from Brussels, a Christian coalition is demanding that each EU state publish its version of the constitution's preamble, with references to God if desired.

Already armed with 1,149,000 signatures and with thousands more pouring in from Holland since the murder of the film-maker Theo van Gogh, the group claims that most states want some reference to Christianity but were blocked by France.

thanks to Drudge



Petition Update - NO, I don't want this to fall through the cracks! Forward to all your friends and tell them to SIGN IT

Today - right now, the number of petition signatures is over 215,000 and fast closing on 216,000!

I know that you support the Marines - and ALL military - fighting to protect our freedoms.....I am thinking of them right now...as we are all comfortable...getting our turkeys ready for tomorrow...they sleep on the sand...eat MREs...never knowing when the next shot is going to go off...or if that shot will hit them...or a buddy...

Sign it...




Poll: 55% approve of Bush's leadership

The latest CNN USA Today/Gallup poll is out with astounding news:

President Bush's job approval rating climbed to 55 percent since winning re-election Nov. 2, the highest since the start of the year, according to a Gallup Organization poll for CNN and USA Today.

The poll conducted Friday through Sunday also found that 65 percent of Americans say the country is "greatly divided" on major issues, and 63 percent said the president should pursue an agenda that has support from both parties.

One of the issues on which Americans are split is Iraq, according to the poll by Washington-based Gallup. Forty-eight percent said they favored going to war and 46 percent said they opposed the conflict. Fifty-one percent said the U.S. didn't make a mistake by leading an invasion of Iraq and 47 percent said it was a mistake. That's about the same as it was before the election.

Bush's approval rating was the highest since a Jan. 9-11 poll found 59 percent of adults approved of the job he was doing. In an Oct. 29-30 poll, 48 percent approved of Bush's performance.

Gallup interviewed 1,015 adults for the survey, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

We all knew it...but somehow I still think they (the Left) should've seen it coming


Score - Bloggers: 1; CBS/Dan Rather: -0-

Dan Rather "resigns"

....but we all know the rest of this story...


Bush a Cowboy? What of It?

The Washington Times reports that Chileans are calling President Bush "a cowboy" for intercepting the melee that ocurred Saturday night when Chilean thugs jumped in front of a Secret Service agent trying to prevent him from going with President and Mrs. Bush.

If that is what they are calling a cowboy...Bush is definitely my kinda guy.

Here in Arizona - as I am sure it is in Texas - Cowboys are definitely NOT girlie-men...