So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the state of affairs in this world.
More and more people willing to commit heinous acts in order to gain fame/money/power…stuff.


It is clear that people have completely forgotten the old saying “You can’t take it with you.”

Because, quite clearly…YOU CAN’T.

The Pharaohs and ancient people didn’t know this fact. They had all of their possessions buried with them only to be dug up centuries later – still there while their souls had moved on.

It’s time for people, but most importantly people in power or in powerful positions, to sit back and take personal inventories. Not the inventory consisting of material things – WORLDLY THINGS – but those things that make up their being…their souls.

Presidents come and go. Internet stars have their 15 seconds of fame (yes, reduced from 15 minutes in this instantaneous world) and the world moves on to the next sensation.

Making sure your spiritual houses are in order is something to do now and continuing to ensure it remains that way so that when it is your time to go, there will be nothing to hold back Saint Peter from opening those Pearly Gates.