I ran across this again as I was reading my archived stuff this reference to George Stephanopolous during the brouhaha over Indiana's RFRA.
"It’s instructive to observe George Stephanopoulos’s behavior on this topic, given his role as a very public shill for the Democratic Party. He’s not interested in having a debate on the subject or in acknowledging the importance of RFRAs – something he obviously did two decades ago while working for President Clinton. He’s interested in spouting aggressive talking points to frame Republicans as bigots for giving people the ability to defend their religious freedom in the courts. That’s the entire goal here: turn religious liberty into something that lives within the bounds of scare quotes."

And then I remembered that Stephanopolous raised out of the blue, the non-issue...the straw man argument with Mitt Romney about whether SCOTUS would reverse the 1965 ruling barring states from banning contraception. Changed the ENTIRE national conversation.
"During Saturday's Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire, hosted by ABC, co-moderator George Stephanopoulos bizarrely pressed candidate Mitt Romney on whether the former Massachusetts governor believes the U.S. Supreme Court should overturn a 1965 ruling that a constitutional right to privacy bars states from banning contraception."
Geraldo has reminded everyone HE got canned by ABC over a $200 donation...

So can anyone tell me WHY is George Stephanopolous still there??...