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Sen. Cruz Speaking Now; RNC Launches "Stand With Ted" Petition

Flip over to CSPAN2 or their online digs to see Sen. Cruz speaking now.

Apparently CSPAN won't let you embed. Or I can't figure it out anyway. Just open in another window. He says he's going to talk until he cannot stand. This is an awareness-raising floor speech, not a true filibuster, as it doesn't push back the time for the first cloture vote which is set for tomorrow.

Townhall's Guy Benson has more on Cruz's speech, as well as the RNC's petition drive "Stand With Ted," launched simultaneously.

I know several folks were asking where Chairman Priebus was in all this. He wants you to sign the petition.

More: If you missed it this morning, the timeline for the next several days goes like this, with the Senate ultimately passing a CR of one sort or another on Sunday, giving the House just one day to respond. The timeline can change, however, if the parties unanimously waive the Senate rules, as has been discussed among the GOP conference this afternoon. They're considering agreeing to shorten the time for consideration in the Senate in order to get a CR back to the House faster.

And a little bit more: As you'd know if you listened to the AOSHQ podcast, I've been a little concerned that Sen. Reid could try and get cute with the Senate version of the CR and undo sequestration cuts. A staffer at the Senate GOP Budget committee press office got back to me:

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