Desert Rat is Back in the Saddle!

So I took a hiatus from blogging...quite a long one as a matter of fact...personal issues...health issues...most of them now resolved...but the need for me to get my voice out there in order to defeat Obama's re-election has now become stronger than all the other issues...so I'm back :- D

Suffice it to say that previously, when blogging, I took it quite seriously and posted many many MANY things in one day...perhaps that is the reason I got so burned out...so - at least for now - my posts will consist of 1..maybe 2 per day...unless someone pisses me off or says something so outrageously false that requires an immediate response.

Hopefully this finds all of you in good health...good spirits...and good frame of mind. This election cycle is gonna be brutal...and we all need to find the wherewithal to withstand any counter-attacks.