LA Times: Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama: The approval gap silently shrinks to a few points

It's hard to hide it...even the LA Times has to admit it...Sarah Palin is gaining momentum while Obama's approval rating is sinking to new lows:

Not that it matters politically because obviously she's a female Republican dunce and he's obviously a male Democrat genius.

But Sarah Palin's poll numbers are strengthening.

And President Obama's are sliding.

Guess what? They're about to meet in the 40s.

Democrats are worried...as well they should be...this mess that our country is in belongs solely to them...they know they are in trouble with the electorate, even as the democrats in congress try to bulldoze through a power-grabbing bill disguised as "healthcare reform"...well, we just aren't buying it...

the popularity of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi whose current favorable poll ratings are -- let's see here -- OMG, only about half of Palin's.


Sarah Palin's book signing in Roanoake, VA...video is great

Politico's great recap of the Sarah Palin book signing over the weekend in Roanoake, VA...fans lined up more than 24 hours before the signing...and stayed outside all night in the cold weather...

Do NOT believe the liberals and the state-controlled media...Sarah Palin has star power...and she is here to stay...