I want to play a little game…see if you agree…


- ACORN was registering fake Republican voters
- John McCain had his birth records sealed
- John McCain served on a board with a terrorist
- Two white men were standing outside a polling place with nightsticks
- John McCain’s preacher for over 20 years screamed “God DAMN America!” from the pulpit
- Two white men told poll workers “You might as well go home, a white man is going to be elected no matter what”
- John McCain bought a home for $300,000 less than the market price from a convicted criminal
- John McCain had fundraisers thrown for him in Tony Rezko’s home (a convicted criminal), Bill Ayer’s home (a known terrorist), Rashid Khalidi’s home (an open supporter of Palistine and has spoken of Israel’s demise)
- John McCain donated $800,000 to ACORN, the same ACORN that is under investigation for voter fraud
- John McCain accepted millions of dollars from anonymous donors
- John McCain accepted millions of dollars from foreign donors
- 97% of white voters voted for John McCain because he is white
- John McCain said he will disarm America
- One of John McCain’s early mentors was a known communist, namely Frank Marshall Davis
- John McCain had voted 3 times against aid for infants born out of a botched abortion, saying that if he did it would “cause the mother to rethink her decision”
- John McCain would accuse anyone questioning him of being racist

- A citizen's personal information was compromised by a McCain supporter and that citizen's personal information was sent out to all the news media just because that citizen had the audacity to ask John McCain a question about the impact of McCain's proposed tax plan on that citizen

This list could go on and on and on…but WHAT IF these things had happened?

Do you THINK we would have elected John McCain president in SPITE of all of these??