Don't always agree with Christopher Hitchens, but his appearance on Bill Maher's show is great to watch... (I know! Maher is a pig, but I wasn't watching the show, found this elsewhere on the net..)

At the end of the clip, Maher resorts to bringing up the 'Clinton cigar'...he is the biggest moron of all...




I want to play a little game…see if you agree…


- ACORN was registering fake Republican voters
- John McCain had his birth records sealed
- John McCain served on a board with a terrorist
- Two white men were standing outside a polling place with nightsticks
- John McCain’s preacher for over 20 years screamed “God DAMN America!” from the pulpit
- Two white men told poll workers “You might as well go home, a white man is going to be elected no matter what”
- John McCain bought a home for $300,000 less than the market price from a convicted criminal
- John McCain had fundraisers thrown for him in Tony Rezko’s home (a convicted criminal), Bill Ayer’s home (a known terrorist), Rashid Khalidi’s home (an open supporter of Palistine and has spoken of Israel’s demise)
- John McCain donated $800,000 to ACORN, the same ACORN that is under investigation for voter fraud
- John McCain accepted millions of dollars from anonymous donors
- John McCain accepted millions of dollars from foreign donors
- 97% of white voters voted for John McCain because he is white
- John McCain said he will disarm America
- One of John McCain’s early mentors was a known communist, namely Frank Marshall Davis
- John McCain had voted 3 times against aid for infants born out of a botched abortion, saying that if he did it would “cause the mother to rethink her decision”
- John McCain would accuse anyone questioning him of being racist

- A citizen's personal information was compromised by a McCain supporter and that citizen's personal information was sent out to all the news media just because that citizen had the audacity to ask John McCain a question about the impact of McCain's proposed tax plan on that citizen

This list could go on and on and on…but WHAT IF these things had happened?

Do you THINK we would have elected John McCain president in SPITE of all of these??




This deserves its own post.....



(*NOW* I am going to rest)


You could find many to blame for last night's loss...but the truth is, we lost...America lost...the citizens of this great country just elected a man to the office of president based not on experience but on emotion...

THAT is historical...

Barack Obama will now get all of our national security information...is he qualified for that?

Someone said that Barack Obama wouldn't even pass a background check if he wanted to go into the FBI or CIA...is he qualified to have his finger on the 'red button'...?

There are many, many things we do NOT know about Barack Obama...and now he is going to be the leader of the free world...

Free world for how long?

My God...what has just happened?

I am going to take a few days off and away from politics, but when I get back it will be time to go to work in earnest...

This is not something that conservatives will lament and scream "I'm moving to Canada!" like liberals did in 2000 and 2004...oh, and when did just one of them ever follow through on that promise?

As sick and tired as we all are of hearing political ads 24/7, this is not a time to just accept the outcome of this election...

We need to regroup and follow through on everything that the main stream media shoved under the rug...

Like just *WHO* gave donations to Barack Obama's campaign...WHO??

And *WHO* was really responsible for the housing/economic crisis that resulted in the $700 BILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT??

Now is not the time to sink into despair...now is the time take all of this very seriously and hold accountable the people that knowingly broke laws and put this country at risk...

But for the moment, I am going to take 5...




Joe Biden finally...FINALLY...gets a "tough" interview, and he turns around and attacks the reporter...I found the interview:

WFTV’s Barbara West, an Orland anchorwoman, grilled Biden on everything from his running mate’s connections to Acorn to his statement that Obama would be “tested” by an international crisis and may make decisions that don’t immediately seem like the right ones — and even quoted Karl Marx to ask how Obama would be any different from the Communist founder who favored redistributing wealth to society’s underclass.

“Is this a joke?” Biden asked after the Marxism line. “Is that a real question?” West assured him that it was.

West later asked if Obama wanted to make the United States a socialist country “like Sweden,” and whether Biden’s “tested” remarks meant that Obama’s leadership would result in the United States losing it’s status as the world’s lone superpower.

“I don’t know who’s writing your questions,” Biden replied.

One point: Biden stated that the Obama campaign had "never given money to ACORN"...which is a lie...just because the money was given to Citizen Services Inc. (CSI) and not to ACORN directly, it is a well known fact that CSI is a subsidiary corporation of ACORN...

The Obama campaign, knowing the impact of funneling the money to ACORN, hid the contribution...or tried to...which is a criminal offense, imo...

but I digress...

...unfortunately, Breitbart tv has removed it but they have a writeup on the Obama campaign's cancellation of a subsequent interview:

After this interview the Obama campaign canceled a scheduled interview with Jill Biden: "There's nothing wrong with tough questions, but reporters have the very important job of sharing the truth with the public -- not misleading the American people with false information. Senator Biden handled the interview well; however, the anchor was completely unprofessional. Senator Biden's wife is not running for elected office, and there are many other stations in the Orlando television market that would gladly conduct a respectful and factual interview with her." "This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election."

After all the horrible, shocking, appalling things that have been written and said about Governor Palin, Biden's reaction is disturbing...

The American people DESERVE to know the truth about Barack Obama...questions about what Barack Obama intends to do if he is elected are completely IN LINE and justifiable!




Orson Scott Card is a democrat

Orson Scott Card is a journalist

This must have been very difficult for Mr. Card to write, but Orson Scott Card calls it like it is:

Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights?
By Orson Scott Card

Editor's note: Orson Scott Card is a Democrat and a newspaper columnist, and in this opinion piece he takes on both while lamenting the current state of journalism.

An open letter to the local daily paper — almost every local daily paper in America:

I remember reading All the President's Men and thinking: That's journalism. You do what it takes to get the truth and you lay it before the public, because the public has a right to know.

This housing crisis didn't come out of nowhere. It was not a vague emanation of the evil Bush administration.

It was a direct result of the political decision, back in the late 1990s, to loosen the rules of lending so that home loans would be more accessible to poor people. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were authorized to approve risky loans.

What is a risky loan? It's a loan that the recipient is likely not to be able to repay.

The goal of this rule change was to help the poor — which especially would help members of minority groups. But how does it help these people to give them a loan that they can't repay? They get into a house, yes, but when they can't make the payments, they lose the house — along with their credit rating.

They end up worse off than before.

This was completely foreseeable and in fact many people did foresee it. One political party, in Congress and in the executive branch, tried repeatedly to tighten up the rules. The other party blocked every such attempt and tried to loosen them.

Furthermore, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were making political contributions to the very members of Congress who were allowing them to make irresponsible loans. (Though why quasi-federal agencies were allowed to do so baffles me. It's as if the Pentagon were allowed to contribute to the political campaigns of Congressmen who support increasing their budget.)

Isn't there a story here? Doesn't journalism require that you who produce our daily paper tell the truth about who brought us to a position where the only way to keep confidence in our economy was a $700 billion bailout? Aren't you supposed to follow the money and see which politicians were benefiting personally from the deregulation of mortgage lending?

I have no doubt that if these facts had pointed to the Republican Party or to John McCain as the guilty parties, you would be treating it as a vast scandal. "Housing-gate," no doubt. Or "Fannie-gate."

Instead, it was Senator Christopher Dodd and Congressman Barney Frank, both Democrats, who denied that there were any problems, who refused Bush administration requests to set up a regulatory agency to watch over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and who were still pushing for these agencies to go even further in promoting sub-prime mortgage loans almost up to the minute they failed.

As Thomas Sowell points out in a TownHall.com essay entitled "Do Facts Matter?" (
http://snipurl.com/457townhall_com] ): "Alan Greenspan warned them four years ago. So did the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers to the President. So did Bush's Secretary of the Treasury."

These are facts. This financial crisis was completely preventable. The party that blocked any attempt to prevent it was ... the Democratic Party. The party that tried to prevent it was ... the Republican Party.

Yet when Nancy Pelosi accused the Bush administration and Republican deregulation of causing the crisis, you in the press did not hold her to account for her lie. Instead, you criticized Republicans who took offense at this lie and refused to vote for the bailout!

What? It's not the liar, but the victims of the lie who are to blame?

Now let's follow the money ... right to the presidential candidate who is the number-two recipient of campaign contributions from Fannie Mae.

And after Freddie Raines, the CEO of Fannie Mae who made $90 million while running it into the ground, was fired for his incompetence, one presidential candidate's campaign actually consulted him for advice on housing.

If that presidential candidate had been John McCain, you would have called it a major scandal and we would be getting stories in your paper every day about how incompetent and corrupt he was.

But instead, that candidate was Barack Obama, and so you have buried this story, and when the McCain campaign dared to call Raines an "adviser" to the Obama campaign — because that campaign had sought his advice — you actually let Obama's people get away with accusing McCain of lying, merely because Raines wasn't listed as an official adviser to the Obama campaign.

You would never tolerate such weasely nit-picking from a Republican.

If you who produce our local daily paper actually had any principles, you would be pounding this story, because the prosperity of all Americans was put at risk by the foolish, short-sighted, politically selfish, and possibly corrupt actions of leading Democrats, including Obama.
If you who produce our local daily paper had any personal honor, you would find it unbearable to let the American people believe that somehow Republicans were to blame for this crisis.

There are precedents. Even though President Bush and his administration never said that Iraq sponsored or was linked to 9/11, you could not stand the fact that Americans had that misapprehension — so you pounded us with the fact that there was no such link. (Along the way, you created the false impression that Bush had lied to them and said that there was a connection.)

If you had any principles, then surely right now, when the American people are set to blame President Bush and John McCain for a crisis they tried to prevent, and are actually shifting to approve of Barack Obama because of a crisis he helped cause, you would be laboring at least as hard to correct that false impression.

Your job, as journalists, is to tell the truth. That's what you claim you do, when you accept people's money to buy or subscribe to your paper. (my emphasis)

But right now, you are consenting to or actively promoting a big fat lie — that the housing crisis should somehow be blamed on Bush, McCain, and the Republicans. You have trained the American people to blame everything bad — even bad weather — on Bush, and they are responding as you have taught them to.

If you had any personal honor, each reporter and editor would be insisting on telling the truth — even if it hurts the election chances of your favorite candidate.

Because that's what honorable people do. Honest people tell the truth even when they don't like the probable consequences. That's what honesty means . That's how trust is earned.

Barack Obama is just another politician, and not a very wise one. He has revealed his ignorance and naivete time after time — and you have swept it under the rug, treated it as nothing.

Meanwhile, you have participated in the borking of Sarah Palin, reporting savage attacks on her for the pregnancy of her unmarried daughter — while you ignored the story of John Edwards's own adultery for many months.

So I ask you now: Do you have any standards at all? Do you even know what honesty means?

Is getting people to vote for Barack Obama so important that you will throw away everything that journalism is supposed to stand for?

You might want to remember the way the National Organization of Women threw away their integrity by supporting Bill Clinton despite his well-known pattern of sexual exploitation of powerless women. Who listens to NOW anymore? We know they stand for nothing; they have no principles.

That's where you are right now.

It's not too late. You know that if the situation were reversed, and the truth would damage McCain and help Obama, you would be moving heaven and earth to get the true story out there.

If you want to redeem your honor, you will swallow hard and make a list of all the stories you would print if it were McCain who had been getting money from Fannie Mae, McCain whose campaign had consulted with its discredited former CEO, McCain who had voted against tightening its lending practices.

Then you will print them, even though every one of those true stories will point the finger of blame at the reckless Democratic Party, which put our nation's prosperity at risk so they could feel good about helping the poor, and lay a fair share of the blame at Obama's door.

You will also tell the truth about John McCain: that he tried, as a Senator, to do what it took to prevent this crisis. You will tell the truth about President Bush: that his administration tried more than once to get Congress to regulate lending in a responsible way.

This was a Congress-caused crisis, beginning during the Clinton administration, with Democrats leading the way into the crisis and blocking every effort to get out of it in a timely fashion.

If you at our local daily newspaper continue to let Americans believe — and vote as if — President Bush and the Republicans caused the crisis, then you are joining in that lie.

If you do not tell the truth about the Democrats — including Barack Obama — and do so with the same energy you would use if the miscreants were Republicans — then you are not journalists by any standard.

You're just the public relations machine of the Democratic Party, and it's time you were all fired and real journalists brought in, so that we can actually have a news paper in our city.

This article first appeared in The Rhinoceros Times of Greensboro, North Carolina, and is used here by permission.

Kudos Mr. Card...


H/T: Powerline blog



Kudos to Zomblog for digging this up

Michelle Malkin posted this excerpt from Bill Ayers book where he mentions Barack Obama...
Tell me they didn't know each other...c'mon...I want to hear you say it...


Right Wing News has the Audio...

Madeline Albright agrees

Now I understand that both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have gone into hiding...



YES! Barney Frank said exactly that!

When asked reigning in spending when talking about the proposed second stimulus bill with a 300 BILLION PRICE TAG:

"..at this point there needs to be a focus on a(sic) immediate increase in spending..and I think this is a time when deficit fear has to take a second seat..."

"...yes I believe later on there should be tax increases...I think there are a lot of very rich people out there whom we can tax at a point down the road and recover some of this money"

Yep, you just can't make this stuff up...



PRINCETON, NJ -- When given a choice about how government should address the numerous economic difficulties facing today's consumer, Americans overwhelmingly -- by 84% to 13% -- prefer that the government focus on improving overall economic conditions and the jobs situation in the United States as opposed to taking steps to distribute wealth more evenly among Americans.

H/T: Jim Geraghty over at National Review



What about Joe the Plumber?

He spoke to Katie Couric and expressed concerns about Obama...

specifically whether or when Obama would consider that $100,000 is too much instead of $250,000

Joe also said:

"McCain was solid in his performance," he says. "I still don't know where he stands," he says of Obama. "I'm middle class. I can't have my taxes raised any more."


referring to his encounter with Obama, the Illinois Senator does "a tap dance...almost as good as Sammy Davis, Jr."


H/T: Ben Smith blog


Is anyone else paying attention to how many times Joe Biden says "in my neighborhood"?

the acquisition of his waterfront property a decade ago involved wealthy businessmen and campaign supporters, some of them bankers with an interest in legislation before the Senate, who bought his old house for top dollar, sold him four acres at cost and lent him $500,000 to build his new home.

Of course, the entire article in the NYT reports discrepencies or questionable favorable treatment that Joe Biden has received, even noting that the bank that Biden got his huge home building loan from was the same bank that James H. Gilliam Jr. worked for, the same James H. Gilliam Jr. that Biden had offered to nominate for a federal judge's position...but, of course, that had NOTHING IN COMMON:

Not long before Mr. Biden obtained his construction loan from Beneficial in July 1997, he had offered to nominate the bank’s chairman, James H. Gilliam Jr., for a federal judge’s post in Delaware, according to news accounts of Mr. Gilliam’s death in 2003. Mr. Gilliam, a lawyer who also headed a state judiciary nomination panel and donated to Mr. Biden’s campaigns, declined the offer and recommended someone else, whom Mr. Biden nominated in June 1997.

Mr. Biden’s campaign said that his dealings with Mr. Gilliam had nothing to do with the $634,000 in loans he received from Beneficial, adding that Mr. Biden had other reasons to consider Mr. Gilliam, who would have been Delaware’s first African-American federal judge.

I know that Joe the Plumber doesn't live in a millions dollars mansion...neither do I...neither do you...

But Joe Biden's constant reference to the "people in my neighborhood" as if Joe Biden is living in suburbia is out and out LIES

The entire Obama - Biden campaign is built on lies...

I just hope people are really paying attention...



Thanks to some very fast bloggers, here is the video this morning of Joe Biden saying Joe the Plumber is too rich: H/T: The Autopsy

"I don't have any plumbers in my neighborhood that make $250,000"


Joe Biden's constant referral to "his neighborhood" are ludicrous! Biden lives in a mansion - 6,800 feet worth - and he claims that "no plumbers in his neighborhood make $250,000", rather make $98,000.


Mr. Biden’s 6,800-square-foot colonial-style house sits on four lakefront acres that he bought in March 1996 for $350,000. From the New York Times.
Now worth
@ $1,383,599.00

But, hey....who's checking up on a lie from liberals, right?

Obama - Biden's campaign is built on lies...they are lying to the American people...and all the liberal media is showing is giddiness in the streets...

Be afraid, people...be very afraid...



Remember the 2008 Democratic National Convention when Senator McCain congratulated Senator Obama????


What happened during the Republican National Convention?



The day after Obama crying about McCain's "negative ads" this is running

By the way, Obama keeps claiming that McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time...the president of this country does not vote, Congress does...but, hey, what's one more lie



Ayers' office door is decorated with pictures of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Che Guevara and Malcolm X

Daniel Faulkner, murdered in cold blood by Mumia Abu-Jamal Mumia Abu-Jamal

Che Guevera pictures were hanging in Obama campaign offices

Bill Ayers office door celebrates criminals, communist terrorists

If anyone thinks that Bill Ayers is "repentant", think again...

Bill Ayers has simply gone underground...shockingly, he has held a position of influence among the most impressionable among us...our children!
So who exactly are Mumia Abu-Jamal, Che Guevara and Malcolm X?

On December 9, 1981, at approximately 3:55 a.m., Officer Danny Faulkner, a five year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, made a traffic stop at Locust Street near Twelfth Street. The car stopped by Officer Faulkner was being driven by William Cook. After making the stop, Danny called for assistance on his police radio and requested a police wagon to transport a prisoner. Unbeknownst to him, William Cook's brother, Wesley (aka Mumia Abu-Jamal) was across the street. As Danny attempted to handcuff William Cook, Mumia Abu-Jamal ran from across the street and shot the officer in the back. Danny turned and was able to fire one shot that struck Abu-Jamal in the chest; the wounded officer then fell to the pavement. Mumia Abu-Jamal stood over the downed officer and shot him four more times at close range, once directly in the face. Mumia Abu-Jamal was found still at the scene of the shooting by officers who arrived there within seconds. The murderer was slumped against the curb in front of his brother's car. In his possession was a .38 caliber revolver that records showed Mumia had purchased months earlier. The chamber of the gun had five spent cartridges. A cab driver, as well as other pedestrians, had witnessed the brutal slaying and identified Mumia Abu-Jamal as the killer both at the scene and during his trial. On July 2, 1982, after being tried before a jury of ten whites and two blacks, Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted of murdering Officer Danny Faulkner. The next day, the jury sentenced him to death after deliberating for two hours. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania heard the defendant's appeals and upheld the conviction on March 6, 1989.

Officer Danny Faulkner joined the ranks of those courageous officers who have given their lives to keep our nation's streets safe and free. Danny and his wife, Maureen, had been married only slightly more than a year. Now, she was left a widow with only her memories of the young officer to comfort her and dreams of the life they could have shared together. Danny and Maureen Faulkner are the real victims of that horrible night in December, 1981. It is for them that we seek justice and the reason this site stands strong today. Please visit the many places on this site put together to help create awareness. Remember to spread the word.

Yes, liberals celebrate, defend and embrace murderers...Bill Ayers honors a murderer on his own door...Bill Ayers, the terrorist that has orchestrated murders of policemen...

Che Guevara was a terrorist and communist mass murder - another liberal "hero":

"To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary...These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of the The Wall!" --Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

"The Wall" meaning the wall that Che Guevara so happily put people up against to shoot them.

But Che didn't always bother with the wall. One of his favored methods of killing was to tie his victim to a chair, gag him, walk around the room a bit ranting at him, and then slowly walk up, pistol in hand — and splatter the victim's brains and skull across the room while his companions watched.

Finally, Malcolm X (for those of you that have been living in an underground bunker all these years)...

All of us are black first, and everything else second.
Malcolm X,"God's angry men", WO, 31 May 1958 (FBI files 105-8999-788)

You show me a capitalist and I'll show you a bloodsucker.
Malcolm X, NYC, 20 Dec. 1964

These are some of the ones 'honored' on Bill Ayers door...
Any wonder why so many people have real concerns about Barack Obama and his friend Bill Ayers?



"Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, Kill your parents."

Lest we forget how passionate the REAL Bill Ayers is.

Born in 1944, Bill Ayers, along with his wife Bernardine Dohrn, was a 1960s leader of the homegrown terrorist group Weatherman, a Communist-driven splinter faction of Students for a Democratic Society. Characterizing Weatherman as "an American Red Army," Ayers summed up the organization's ideology as follows: "Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, Kill your parents."

More Ayers quotes:

"What a country," Ayers said in 2001. "It makes me want to puke."

Of the day he bombed the Pentagon, Ayers says, "Everything was absolutely ideal. ... The sky was blue. The birds were singing. And the bastards were finally going to get what was coming to them."

Ayers' comment on his life, as reported by Peter Collier and David Horowitz in their authoritative chapter on Weatherman in Destructive Generation, is this: "Guilty as sin, free as a bird, America is a great country."

Bill Ayers is a friend and admirer of Hugo Chavez. Ayers has traveled numerous times to Venezuela, extolling the virtues of revolution. Many liberal defenders of Ayers claim that he has redeemed himself through working in the field of education, but there is a very dark side to Ayers work there.

In 2006 during a visit to Venezuela, Ayers said: "We share the belief that education is the motor-force of revolution..."

Ayers and his wife, fellow Weatherman terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, raised the son of convicted fellow Weathermen Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert.

Michelle Malkin wrote in 2002: From both his biological and adoptive parents, Chesa Boudin has learned to stew in the indignant self-pity of Marxist leftovers

Boudin stands by the Weathermen's revolutionary agenda: "My parents were all dedicated to fighting U.S. imperialism around the world. I'm dedicated to the same thing."

This is the man that worked with Barack Obama on the Woods Fund board, funneling hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, through government grants, to activist groups ACORN and AAAN (Arab American Action Network).

Bill Ayers is not someone that has 'reformed'. Bill Ayers continues his work today in different avenues. Ayers is influencing young people through his position as a university professor. Ayers, quite simply, has gone underground with his mission.

There is a common thread throughout all of this. Remember that Barack Obama's mother and grandparents were communist sympathizers. While living in Hawaii one of Barack Obama's mentors was another communist, Frank Davis Marshall. Obama stated in one of his books that he used to listen to Marshall's "poetry".

Spengler writes in Asia Times:

Barack Obama is a clever fellow who imbibed hatred of America with his mother's milk, but worked his way up the elite ladder of education and career. He shares the resentment of Muslims against the encroachment of American culture, although not their religion. He has the empathetic skill set of an anthropologist who lives with his subjects, learns their language, and elicits their hopes and fears while remaining at emotional distance. That is, he is the political equivalent of a sociopath. The difference is that he is practicing not on a primitive tribe but on the population of the United States.

America has the great misfortune to have encountered Obama at the peak of his powers at its worst moment of vulnerability in a generation. With malice aforethought, he has sought out their sore point.

Barack Obama's past is cloudy, intentionally so I believe.

Even the New York Times was unable to reveal much:

Barack Obama does not say much about his years in New York City. The time he spent as an undergraduate at Columbia College and then working in Manhattan in the early 1980s surfaces only fleetingly in his memoir. In the book, he casts himself as a solitary wanderer in the metropolis, the outsider searching for a way to “make myself of some use.”

Mr. Obama has, of course, done plenty of remembering. His 1995 memoir, “Dreams From My Father,” weighs in at more than 450 pages. But he also exercised his writer’s prerogative to decide what to include or leave out. Now, as he presents himself to voters, a look at his years in New York — other people’s accounts and his own — suggests not only what he was like back then but how he chooses to be seen now.

There still, only 28 days away from the 2008 election, do not know much about Barack Obama. There are still so many unanswered questions. There are still so many obvious problems, but with the help of the liberal main-stream-media, most of these continue to be shoved aside while accusations fly about Obama's opponent, John McCain.

A red herring, I say.

This is why I am extremely concerned about Barack Obama's association with Bill Ayers.

I think you should be concerned too.

We need to know who Barack Obama REALLY is. I think I do, do you?




He said it!

Obama was off teleprompter when he was talking to this man and said what we all know:





Oh! and just for the record, Obama STILL has on his website the following:

Diplomacy: Obama supports tough, direct presidential diplomacy with Iran without preconditions.

Just in case they take it down or change it, I have captured it here with today's date.



The relationship between Ayers and Obama is much more than just about an unrepentant terrorist. Somewhere in the rhetoric, I think this important fact is being overlooked.

OF COURSE it is important that William Ayers ploted to bomb the Pentagon and killed policemen, but the fact that Ayers and Barack Obama worked together to funnel Federal dollars to activist groups is much more damaging.

Obama and Ayers sat on the
Woods Foundation and gave thousands of dollars to ACORN and AAAN (Arab American Action Network) a controversial Arab group that mourns the establishment of Israel as a "catastrophe" and supports intense immigration reform, including providing drivers licenses and education to illegal aliens.

Bill Ayers is friends with Hugo Chavez, he has been to Venezuela numerous times and Chavez speaks very highly of Ayers.

Hugo Chavez is someone that Barack Obama has said he would sit down and talk with WITHOUT preconditions.

Those are the first things that come to mind. THOSE are concerns that Americans have about Bill Ayers and Barack Obama.




Where have you heard those words lately?

Barack Obama, right?

Barack Obama has those words on his website

Barack Obama said those words in this audio clip on Super Tuesday

Barack Obama has said those words throughout this campaign...but those words are not Barack Obama's words...those words are from the New Party Principles

It is all over the internet now that Barack Obama was a New Party candidate in Illinois in 1996...

No Quarter reports: Barack Obama was an active participant in the 1990s, and a direct political beneficiary, of the Chicago New Party and, importantly, the Chicago DSA, a group of socialists affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America.

Part of the New Party Principles read:

Popular democratic organization should be encouraged and strengthened to make this peaceful revolution. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things if they are organized.

How interesting...

Barack Obama's carefully crafted past is starting to unravel...there are just too many questions that have gone unanswered...too many holes...too many inconsistencies...

Apparently Barack Obama 'forgot' to mention his ties to the Democratic Socialists of America...but that catchy phrase seems to have stuck in his head...you know, like a song that you just can't get out of your head...

Funny how little things like this always trip people up...it's always in the details...



What is this connection? What does it mean?

While looking at
Bill Ayers blog and making note of his ties to Hugo Chavez and Ayers’ promotion of ‘revolution education’...

A link from Ayers' page to one called "The Other Eye"...

One of the entries posted July 11, 2008 bemoans the fact that illegal youth are struggling with the fact that college will be difficult for them to get into. (FORGET the fact that a lot of LEGAL, taxpaying citizens have the same worries!!)

Then I noticed that the entry was written by some participants in “the 8 project, Chicago Illinois”

The 8 project…what is that?

Could it have something to do with the Chicago Eight?

I think it does...it shows the same mindset that we have been expressing concern about with Bill Ayers...why name a school project after antiwar activists?

The trial for eight antiwar activists charged with the responsibility for the violent demonstrations at the August 1968 Democratic National Convention opens in Chicago. The defendants included David Dellinger of the National Mobilization Committee (NMC); Rennie Davis and Thomas Hayden of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS); Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin, founders of the Youth International Party ("Yippies"); Bobby Seale of the Black Panthers; and two lesser known activists, Lee Weiner and John Froines.

The group was charged with conspiracy to cross state lines with intent to incite a riot. All but Seale were represented by attorneys William Kunstler and Leonard Weinglass. The trial, presided over by Judge Julius Hoffman, turned into a circus as the defendants and their attorneys used the court as a platform to attack Nixon, the war, racisim, and oppression. Their tactics were so disruptive that at one point, Judge Hoffman ordered Seale gagged and strapped to his chair. When the trial ended in February 1970, Hoffman found the defendants and their attorneys guilty of 175 counts of contempt of court and sentenced them to terms between two to four years.

From the looks of it, the terrorists are still alive and well, living in our schools, teaching our children.

Bill Ayers and his associations play a much larger and more ominous role in who Barack Obama is.

The Ayers connection goes deeper and gets more troublesome the more we take a look at it, and I believe that we have only scratched the surface.


H/T American Thinker for the Hugo Chavez connection



From the website of Our Country Deserves Better PAC

We are a national effort focused on defeating Barack Obama's presidential campaign because Obama would be a disastrous president.

The Our Country Deserves Better committee is determined to tell the truth that is not being told by many in the media and among our national leaders: Barack Obama is an inexperienced, far-left, naive, "Blame America First" arrogant liberal, and that our country deserves better for our next President and Commander-in-Chief.

Our Country Deserves Better than Barack Obama - and
with your help we can ensure that Barack Obama is defeated on November 4th.

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...has been my focus lately...

been busy campaigning for the McCain / Palin ticket




Thanks to Powerline and Hot Air, I am embedding this important video on this blog.

Please educate yourselves.




Jawa Report has successfully connected the dots...and all roads lead back to Obama

The shocking and false attack ads on Sarah Palin and her family apparently all began with a PR Firm run by Ethan Winner, and is the same mentioned in Jawa Report: family that runs the PR firm has extensive ties to the Democratic Party, the netroots, and are staunch Obama supporters..

More confirmation of this is the fact that the youtube account that posted all of these false attack ads is now closed... see for yourself, google "eswinner youtube" and one result is:

www.youtube.com/user/eswinner - Similar pages - Note this

more proof from Jawa Report:

This same voice-over artist has worked extensively with David Axelrod's firm, which has a history of engaging in phony grassroots efforts, otherwise known as "astroturfing."

David Axelrod is Barack Obama's chief media strategist.

The same voice-over artist has worked directly for the Barack Obama campaign

This is proof of what we suspected all along...

Barack Obama has apparently known about these attacks...knows the parties involved...knows that these attacks are false...and yet Obama continues to stand by without one word of objection..now we know why...

here is a screenshot of one of the videos that Winner took down from youtube

Michelle Malkin has a great summary of this too...

Let me underline that: At some point between approx. 12 midnight - 2am Eastern, “eswinner” logged into his account and tried to erase all traces of the deceitful, Palin-bashing ad.

And at 4:26am Eastern, here’s the message that appeared when attempting to view “eswinner’s” previously accessible account:

As Malkin summarizes: But it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out.





In response to questions about Democrats concerns over Obama winning in November:

“We’re familiar with this,” Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, told The New York Times a few days ago. “And I’m sure between now and Nov. 4 there will be another period of hand-wringing and bed-wetting. It comes with the territory.”

Obama and his handlers are pedantic, pompous elitists! Even their supporters are beneath them in their opinion...

HT - Roger Simon at Politico



The Obama that said this at the 9/11 Forum:

Part of what makes America work is the fact that we believe in individual responsibility and self-reliance..

Or the Obama that said this last night to his Hollywood backers:

“And this should be hard, because what we're asking of the American people is a fundamental shift away from an economic theory that has dominated over the last eight years that says, ‘You give more to the most and hope that it trickles down for everybody else, an economic theory that basically says you're on your own if you don't have healthcare, you're on your own if you don't have a job; if you're born into poverty, lift yourself up by your own bootstraps, you are on your own.”

The Obama that said at the 9/11 Forum:

OBAMA: Well, first of all, as commander-in-chief, my job is to keep America safe. And that means insuring that we’ve got the best military on Earth.

Or the Obama that said this on disarming America:
(video on the link so you can hear him say it)

..I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems...

...I will not weaponize space...

...I will slow development of future combat systems...

...and I will institute an independent "Defense Priorities Board" to ensure the quadrennial defense review is not used to justify unnecessary spending...

...I will set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons...

...and to seek that goal, I will not develop nuclear weapons...

...I will seek a global ban on the production of fissile material...

...and I will negotiate with Russia to take our ICBMs off hair-trigger alert...

...and to achieve deep cuts in our nuclear arsenals...

I mean seriously...WHICH ONE SHOULD WE BELIEVE!?




But it’s worse than that. Much worse! They were using our money to keep themselves in power and to fund groups like ACORN which is in the business of registering non-eligible voters and duplicate voters. Michelle Malkin reports:

DETROIT: Several municipal clerks across the state are reporting fraudulent and duplicate voter registration applications, most of them from a nationwide community activist group working to help low- and moderate-income families.

The majority of the problem applications are coming from the group ACORN, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, which has a large voter registration program among its many social service programs. ACORN’s Michigan branch, based in Detroit, has enrolled 200,000 voters statewide in recent months, mostly with the use of paid, part-time employees.“There appears to be a sizeable number of duplicate and fraudulent applications,” said Kelly Chesney, spokeswoman for the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office. “And it appears to be widespread.”

CLEVELAND: A national organization that conducts voter registration drives for low-income people has curtailed its push in Cuyahoga County after the Board of Elections accused its workers of submitting fraudulent registration cards.

The board is investigating the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Results of the inquiry could be turned over to the county prosecutor.

Board employees said ACORN workers often handed in the same name on a number of voter registration cards, but showing that person living at different addresses. Other times, cards had the same name listed, but a different date of birth. Still another sign of possible fraud showed a number of people living at an address that turned out to be a restaurant.“I’m obviously very concerned,” Board Chairman Jeff Hastings said. “This goes to the essence of our democracy.”


In July, when the "housing bill" was in Congress this was reported in WSJ and pretty much went unnoticed:

But an underreported part of this story is that Majority Leader Harry Reid refused to allow a vote on Republican Jim DeMint's amendment to bar political donations and lobbying by Fannie and its sibling, Freddie Mac.

This is a rare parliamentary move for a body in which even Senators in the minority party have long been able to force votes. The strong-arm play illustrates how politically powerful these government-sponsored enterprises remain even after going hat in hand to taxpayers. This has implications in the days ahead, because the Beltway battle now shifts to who will be the new regulator for the mortgage giants and how much political insulation he'll have from Fannie and Freddie pressure.

We believe in the right of individuals and businesses to lobby Congress. But with Fan and Fred now explicitly guaranteed by taxpayers, letting them ladle cash all over Washington amounts to using government-guaranteed profits to lobby for continued government protection. Congress sets the rules in favor of Fan and Fred, which then repay the Members with cash from their rigged profit stream. This is the government lobbying itself for more government.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac handed out $800,000 to U.S. House and Senate Members this election cycle.

Freddie Mac's foundation handed out $25 million to political groups, think tanks and other Beltway outfits in 2007 alone, more than any other foundation in the country

When you go in the voting booth in November, take your list with you.

This is dereliction of duty and I want names! I want heads to roll!!



This is important, so pay attention!

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made contributions to Barack Obama

Barack Obama, through his power in the Senate, gave money to ACORN

ACORN is in the business, yes today, of registering duplicate and ineligible voters

Plain and simple: this is designed to give money to those that will keep certain members of congress in power.



Power and Control reports that Obama backers were behind mortgage industry meltdown.

Which brings us to the Fannie Mae Foundation. A sweet little set up for handing out cash to a nice little outfit called ACORN among others.

Go to the post, the money trail is too numerous to post here.



Peter Wallison was on CSPAN last Sunday. Wallison gave some real insight into what really happened with the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac disaster. I linked the transcript, but for brevity I will highlight the important parts here.

What caught my attention, and this is difficult to find in the media, is the role that congress had in this. Also referenced here is the breakdown of campaign contributions that went to members of Congress from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that is provided by opensecrets.org.

This conversation only strengthens the argument that is going on now about how broken Washington is, and Barack Obama is right at the top of that list of recipients of campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. John McCain is on that list too, but you must remember that this list is a total of contributions they received from 1989 to 2008. That is a 19 year span for McCain, a 3 year span for Obama. It breaks down annually like this:

Over the 19 year period McCain received $21,550, which works out to $1,134.21 per year.

Obama was only in the Senate for three years and received $126,349 which is $42,116.23 per year.

The most telling thing is the fact that Barack Obama, while talking a good game about “CHANGE”, jumped right in to get his piece of the action.

Three Democrats head the list of beneficiaries from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Christopher Dodd, Barack Obama and John Kerry. THREE DEMOCRATS THAT RAN FOR PRESIDENT.

Christopher Dodd, who is on the TOP of the list of recipients now is trying to shift blame and attention to Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury, and President Bush by implication:

“The Democratic Chairman, called the White House, accusation incredible and libel, Mr. Dodd all but accused Mr. Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury, of misleading Congress less than two months ago”

It is clear that Dodd, along with many of his peers in Congress, got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

WALLISON: But this is a – frankly, this is just another part of the scandalous process that was going on here. This is using essentially government money, taxpayer money, to lobby Congress indirectly through these groups.

And more has happened. In the new housing legislation, one of the elements in this housing legislation, which contained the new regulations for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, never would have been passed, but for the fact that the Democrats wanted the housing bill aspect of this, because the problems in the housing market – Senator Shelby said, there isn’t going to be a housing bill out of this committee unless you put tough regulations of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in it. So, he got those tough regulations in the bill.

But in addition, Congressman Barney Frank in the House wanted a special fund that comes out of the profits of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and is then used for all of these community groups around the country.

So, we see the same process continuing to work. Even though reform legislation was passed, it contains a nice slush fund that can be used by community groups around the country. So we see the same process continuing to work, even though reform legislation was passed, it contains a nice slush fund that can be used by the officials of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to reward community groups.

LAMB: You can go on Google and go looking for this Freddie Mae foundation and some of the information is still there. I did it and I just looked up one state, one year, to get an idea of the kind of money they gave away …

WALLISON: See, ordinary corporations, of course, give away lots of money to community organizations and charitable organizations and cultural organizations, and they do this in part to support their products.

So if General Motors gives a gift to a cultural organization, what they hope is that people will then think better of buying a General Motors car.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are different. Those gifts were given for the purpose of building political support for them, not their products because they weren’t at that point selling any products directly to the—to individuals. They were buying mortgages from banks. These gifts were given to organizations that would then, hopefully, come back and support them politically in Congress, so they were using, in effect, the taxpayer money that was backing them to gain—to buy political support in districts around the country that then reflected back on the Congressmen and Senators here in the United States. That was the process that was going on here.

The shell game...Congress is playing the shell game...with OUR MONEY


Back on the Job

I took a hiatus from blogging, only to find myself emailing everyone again, so I am back.

Whether anyone (or no one) reads this blog, at least I have an outlet and a way to express my complete and utter frustration at the liberals in this country and some of the American people that are mesmerized by their rhetoric.




We will have the liberals and the members of the Supreme Court that promoted and voted for this heinous decision to blame...

Liberals are crowing now...they think this is a victory against President Bush...but, seriously, this is an act of terror against the American people...

These misguided, and perhaps evil, people have only one thing on their mind...


The safety and future of the United States of America be damned!

In a blistering dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia said the decision "will make the war harder on us. It will almost certainly cause more Americans to be killed."

I mean it...American blood will be on ALL of their hands!




June 12, 2008 from NY Post --

IF only John McCain could use surrogates instead of having to debate Barack Obama in person. The other day in Toronto, McCain's team, his foreign-policy adviser Niall Ferguson and conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer, crushed the Obama squad - Samantha Power, who had to step down from his campaign after calling Hillary Clinton "a monster," and Richard Holbrooke, who was Bill Clinton's UN ambassa dor. Before the debate, only 21 percent of the audience agreed with the motion that "the world is a safer place with a Republican in the White House." Two hours later, the mostly liberal, anti-George Bush crowd had a profound change of heart: 43 percent ended up voting for the motion. (my emphasis) "Was it simply that Power was the weakest of the speakers on the stage?" columnist Shinan Govani wondered. "Or did it point to a weakness in the Obama brand?" Power, a Pulitzer-winning Harvard professor, left "shocked and visibly downbeat," Govani reports. "What happened?" she was heard asking.

This was a liberal audience!

Thanks to Rush Limbaugh for directing me to this article...



Here we go!

This is horrible!



Cuba Plans Offshore Wells Banned in U.S. Waters

This was documented in 2006, yet the Democratic controlled U.S. Congress, under the direction of extreme liberals, refuse to let the U.S. drill...all the time holding us hostage to middle eastern price gouges...

This is outrageous!



Think of the most liberal country in the world...think about the lifestyle of the people that are drawn to such a country, where "anything goes"...

Now think about the United States of America...

I tell you, we are speeding down the highway of "anything goes" extreme liberalism...

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay have rights under the Constitution to challenge their detention in U.S. civilian courts.

California Supreme Court overturns gay marriage ban

City commission recommends legalizing medical pot shops
(why do all these things originate in California...?!)

Lawyers in Roman Polanski trial issue statement saying L.A. Superior Court judge is lying

I guess Polanski is under the impression that with the way that people think in America these days about sex, raping a 13 year-old girl is going to be accepted...Polanski -- who fled the country in 1978 before sentencing...he rapes a 13 year-old and flees the country to avoid prosecution...now he's trying to make a deal to return to the country by slandering the judge...

The warning signs are everywhere...

Perhaps you don't mind our country becoming another Denmark...that is not MY vision of the future of this country...

Pay attention to what is happening!

Sound the alarm!

Because complacency will do nothing more than send a signal to these deviants that what they are doing...the direction they want to take us...is okay...

Speak now before it is too late.




Apparently Michelle Obama's thoughts are consumed by race...she speaks of it daily...she preaches about it...and now we discover that her senior year thesis at Princeton was devoted to pointing out how racially insensitive Princeton was...

People, I am sick and tired of this!

I don't know about you, but until the Obamas came on the scene I was not as sensitive and aware of how "black" someone was...I truly believe that we had moved beyond the race issue...at least in my town, race is not an issue...at least, it hasn't been an issue...

The shocking vitriol that we have now witnessed coming from the mouth of the Obama's 20-year+ pastor is so far removed from what we experience in our church, I am fast coming to the conclusion that while white Americans have moved beyond race issues, as best they can...the black Americans have clung to their race issues like a tired rag doll...

Let me tell you, Michelle Obama, student loans or not, I would love to send MY children to Princeton!

You are being revealed more and more to be an ungrateful, whining, paranoid creep...



More from Michelle Obama:

Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.

If anyone living in this country called America wants to sit in isolation, they can! (I wouldn't recommend it, but hey..)

Last time I checked, this country was still FREE...

Last time I looked, the Bill of Rights was still in place...




Michelle Obama says the most amazing things...

Most Americans, she said, don't want much.

"They don't want the whole pie," she told the women. "There are some who do, but most Americans feel blessed just being able to thrive a little bit. But that is becoming even more out of reach."...

"If we don't wake up as a nation with a new kind of leadership...for how we want this country to work, then we won't get universal health care," she said.

"The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more."


Redistribution of wealth is Socialism! Socialism is communism, people!!

Open your eyes and pay attention to who the Obamas are before it is too late!


**Note: I know these are a couple months old, but I overlooked them and just wanted to be sure that everyone else sees these too



Oprah kept calling him "Thomas, the pregnant man"

Well, Oprah, I have news for you...."Thomas" who was born Terrie is a WOMAN

This may not bother some of you, but I have blocked anything Oprah on our television...

just because this woman has become a household name does not mean that everything she embraces on her show is right!!!!!!!

What does this say about our country...?

What does this mean for the future of this nation...and our children...??

Think about it!

Do you really want your children growing up thinking they have a choice to mutilate their bodies and switch sexes on a whim....?!





These gas prices are getting ridiculous!




Barack Hussein Obama, who has called Frank Davis a "mentor", has shocking ties to the communist party and way of thinking:

Accuracy in Media

Worldnet Daily

This is from 2006 when Obama was running for the Senate, even then people had questions about his leanings and beliefs

And this is from politicalaffairs.net, Marxist Thought Online...the article is called
"Rethinking the History and Future of the Communist Party"

When these sources are explored, I think scholars of the future will be struck by,
for example, the response in Honolulu when tens of thousands of workers went on
strike when labor and CP leaders were convicted of Smith Act violations in 1953
– a response totally unlike the response on the mainland. Of course 98% of these
workers were of Asian-Pacific ancestry, which suggests that scholars have also been
derelict in analyzing why these workers were less anti-communist than their Euro-American counterparts. In any case, deploring these convictions in Hawaii was an African-American poet and journalist by the name of Frank Marshall Davis, who was certainly in the orbit of the CP – if not a member – (Note: CP = communist party) and who was born in Kansas and spent a good deal of his adult life in Chicago, before decamping to Honolulu in 1948 at the suggestion of his good friend Paul Robeson. Eventually, he befriended another family – a Euro-American family – that had migrated to Honolulu from Kansas and a young woman from this family eventually had a child with a young student from Kenya East Africa who goes by the name of Barack Obama, who retracing the steps of Davis eventually decamped to Chicago.

In his best selling memoir ‘Dreams of my Father’, the author speaks warmly of an
older black poet, he identifies simply as "Frank" as being a decisive
influence in helping him to find his present identity as an African-American, a
people who have been the least anticommunist and the most left-leaning of any constituency in this nation – though you would never know it from reading so-called left journals of opinion. At some point in the future, a teacher will add to her syllabus Barack’s memoir and instruct her students to read it alongside Frank Marshall Davis’ equally affecting memoir, "Living the Blues" and when that day comes, I’m sure a future student will not only examine critically the Frankenstein monsters that US imperialism created in order to subdue Communist parties but will also be moved to come to this historic and wonderful archive in order to gain insight on what has befallen this complex and intriguing planet on which we reside.





Okay, so can we all agree that Obama put Caroline Kennedy on his search committee for a vice president is a smokescreen?

Two of the other people on this three-man committee have very QUESTIONABLE backgrounds!

Eric Holder is the guy that recommended to Bill Clinton, in those 11th hour despicable pardons that Clinton did, to pardon Marc Rich!

Marc Rich, the multi-millionaire who was convicted of tax evasion, to the tune of 42 million dollars!

Hmmmm...let's see, Wesley Snipes is facing 3 years in prison for tax evasion on a MUCH LESSOR amount!

Jim Johnson failed to disclose income...look at the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight's May 2006 report on mismanagement and corruption inside Fannie Mae, and you'll see some interesting things about Johnson. Investigators found that Fannie Mae had hidden a substantial amount of Johnson's 1998 compensation from the public, reporting that it was between $6 million and $7 million when it fact it was $21 million

OMG! Haven't Barack and Michelle Obama been preaching about people that have been "victims" of the housing issue...???

Oh yea! Obama is alllll about change!!!

Obama, we barely know you...but the more we get to know you, the more we realize that your background, while it MIGHT be acceptable for some kind of political position in South Chicago, is NOT ACCEPTABLE to lead the free world!

At every turn Obama is proving himself to be untrustable...

As my grandma always said...Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are.