Turf War Affecting the Internet...The Battle Between Level 3 and Cogent

I - like many of you - have recently noticed a real slow down on the internet...some sites are actually unavailable to me...and now I read that it possibly is linked to a battle between Level 3 and Cogent??


I am NOT one for more or bigger government, but this has to be stopped...and it has to be stopped NOW!

A similar situation existed almost 4 years ago when Excite@Home terminated service to 850,000 cable-modem subscribers and there apparently were discussions then about regulation to avoid another "blackout"...unfortunately at this point I have not been able to do much research on what has taken place since then...but, you can bet that I will...and I will follow up here with what I discover...

This is ridiculous...

The internet plays a HUGE role in all of our lives...our businesses...our livelihoods...and for something as stupid...yes, stupid...as a feud to play such an important role on accessibility...or, to be more exact...the LACK of accessibility...

Something needs to be done to prevent this from happening again...and it needs to be done NOW