Ronny McDonald Prevails! Cheeseburger Bill Passes In House

The US House of Representatives voted 306-120 on Oct. 19 passing a bill that shields fast-food chains from lawsuits that claim their foods cause obesity.

The bill titled Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act of 2005 (nicknamed "cheeseburger bill") was sponsored by Rep. Ric Keller from Florida and 85 other representatives.

The cheeseburger bill stems from lawsuits accusing McDonald's of causing obesity in tens of thousands of children, according to the Associated Press (AP). The fast food industry asked Congress and state legislatures to protect them from lawsuits blaming their food for obesity. 21 states have already agreed.

The proponents for the bill say consumers can't blame the food service industry for weight gain. The AP quoted Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich. as saying, "you cannot litigate personal choices and lifestyles."

Critics complain that the bill does not encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and instead pleases the food industry....

Okay! Stop the presses!

Since when is it Ronald McDonald's responsibility about what I decide to put in on my table??

Anyone that would give that kind of responsibility away to some red-wig-clown-freak in the first place is questionable in my mind anyway!

Give me a break, people...if I would decide to eat Krispie Kreams for breakfast, and french fried food for lunch and dinner...then I would need to face the inevitable consequences...the inevitable blobby body would follow...we ALL KNOW THAT...right?

Here's how the vote went down....and I think it most interesting to note that for the most part, the Nay votes were from the Left...

Vote Map: House Roll Call No. 533 Votes For : 306 Votes Against : 120 Not Voting : 7

An interactive map is here

If you are interested in the vote tally by name, it is HERE