Ward Churchill - Fake "Injun" Charges Dropped, But Seven Serious Complaints Still Being Investigated

If Ward Churchill had his way, you would think that he was given a "mea culpa" from CU...

Churchill WAS notified that "The University of Colorado has dropped its investigation into the American Indian heritage..." and that is the spin that the MSM is putting on it...


Seven complaints of alleged plagiarism, historical fabrication and other research misconduct by Churchill have been recommended for a deeper investigation, while two other complaints that were part of the original inquiry were dropped, his lawyer said. The report from the faculty subcommittee that had spent about four months looking into the allegations was delivered Monday, said David Lane, who represents Churchill.

Among the complaints being moved ahead for examination:

• That in his published writings, Churchill has mischaracterized the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990, along with the General Allotment Act.

• That Churchill has repeatedly advanced a theory charging the U.S. Army with an act of genocide against the Mandan Indians in 1837, citing sources that contradict his claim.

• That Churchill plagiarized the work of professor Fay Cohen of Dalhousie University in Canada.

• That Churchill plagiarized a defunct Canadian environmental group's pamphlet on a shelved water- diversion project.

Jim Paine with the Hawaii Reporter notes: Our outrage centers not on Churchill's spin of the story -- which ignores the remaining seven allegations (mostly of plagiarism and historical fabrication), and instead highlights the dropping of the ethnic fraud charge -- but rather the media's willing acceptance of that spin. No corporate flack, no sticky-fingered politician, no university president could ever expect from the media that kind of unquestioning acceptance of their version of the story. Yet this same media hands Churchill the first PR victory he has had since this story broke back in January....

At every turn...at just about every story...the MSM continues it's overt effort to brainwash the multitudes...

Thank God for bloggers...and the internet...and all of the questioning voices...

But the burning question has to be:

When are we going to bring this to a halt??