How Disgusting Is It When National Security Becomes a Political Football?

I am personally disgusted with the governor of Arizona...

Janet Napolitano has been falling all over herself - vetoing any and all bills that deal, or attempt to deal with, the HUGE illegal alien problem we have in this state...but - actually - she's been doing that kind of thing since 2003...Napolitano tried her damndest to stop Prop 200, but we got it through...WE VOTED IT INTO LAW...So...why isn't it being treated like a law??

Guvvie Napolitano...the power-mad woman that she is...has recently gone to hiding behind the skirts of our Attorney General, Terry Goddard... "Napolitano says she'll sign voter ID rules accepted by Goddard"...since WHEN has our governor EVER "adhered" to ANYONE?? Especially if that "anyone" is a subordinate??

The real issue is this - and I am going to quote from a reader opinion submitted to the AZ Republic:

The squabble between Attorney General Terry Goddard and Secretary of State Jan Brewer is not only over the details of implementing the new rules, but the idea of any suggestions to combat illegal immigration. Goddard does not favor the passage of Proposition 200.

Thus far, with Democrat Terry Goddard's suggestions, Napolitano has vetoed the implementation of Proposition 200 and several other measures this year aimed at enforcing immigration laws.

Napolitano will sign only what Goddard accepts, and the only thing that will be acceptable by Goddard and Napolitano is laws to make Arizona a more desirable destination for illegal aliens.

Napolitano has gone on the record many times stating that the securing the border is a "Federal issue...a Federal problem", in an attempt to exonerate herself for her in-action...and her end-runs to block in-state action...

HEY! The voters of Arizona voted by a huge margin last November to adopt Proposition 200 which would, for one thing, force anyone that wants to vote to produce a valid I.D.

What's wrong with THAT??

We have to produce I.D. to:

- Cash a check
- Buy an airline ticket
- Rent a video or DVD
- Rent a car
- Buy alcohol
- Buy cigarettes
- Pick up concert tickets at Will Call

I could go on and on...you get the picture.....


So, why am I going down this road, you ask?


NOW, our guvvie declared an emergency yesterday in four border counties because of "problems related to illegal immigration"...

Why Now?

Why THIS??

I'll tell you...

It's because next year in Arizona is a gubernatorial election...and ole' Janet...power-seeking-I'll-crush-you-if-you-get-in-my-way-Janet is beginning to put her re-election machine to work...

Don't think for ONE SECOND that Janet Napolitano is concerned about the borders, the protection of our borders, the illegal alien problem, the fallout of all the above...SHE ISN'T!

If she WAS...she would have done something a long, long, long, long time ago...this is the same governor that is in favor of issuing AZ driver's licenses to illegal aliens...she wants votes...plain and simple...even if they are votes from illegals...

From as far away as Maine, I am reading THIS...

The people GET IT...