Senate to Consider Border Fence Bill

USA Today reports: "Border security is the essential first step of any effort to enact immigration reform. Only when we have convinced the American people of our commitment to securing our borders will we be able reach a consensus on comprehensive immigration reform," Frist said in a statement.

Does this mean that they finally get it?? Or is this an election year maneuver...

Democrats are likely to try to block the bill. They may try to attach the comprehensive immigration bill the Senate passed in May as an amendment and push debate into next week. A delay could be a problem as Congress tries to wrestle with legislation addressing treatment of terrorism suspects.

OF COURSE the libs are going to try to defeat it and/or block it!

Truthfully, I don't really care what reasoning it took to get our legislators to this point...I am just glad to see them finally....FINALLY...willing to do something about this crisis...living in a border state has made me aware of the issues long ago, but I know that ya'll are feeling the effects of it now, too...


REBOUND: President's Approval Ratings

WASHINGTON - President Bush's approval rating has rebounded to 44 percent, the highest level in a year, in the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, the newspaper reported today.
Bush's approval rating jumped five points from 39 percent in the previous poll conducted earlier this month....

and "they said" it couldn't be done....



Desert Rat is Baaaaack!

After an almost 8 month hiatus, I have decided to rejoin the political scene...gah!

But, this was something I just could not pass up...

Yesterday Len Munsil, Republican candidate for governor of Arizona, won the primary election to run against incumbent Democrat governor Janet Napolitano....the fur is flying already.

In an article on the outcome the Arizona Republic referred to Munsil repeatedly as a social conservative...

Horror of Horrors! a Social Conservative!!! as if that's a dirty word...

Munsil called Napolitano "out of step with Arizona."

Okay, I can agree with that...but the reaction from Napolitano's minion was a preview of what we can expect in the upcoming weeks:

Barry Dill, a Napolitano campaign consultant, responded in kind.

"Over the next eight weeks, we are confident that Len Munsil will be exposed for the inexperienced, out-of-the-mainstream zealot that he truly is," Dill said. (my emphasis)

The absentee ballots haven't even been tallied yet and already they're going for the jugular...HA!

Inexperienced you say?! (according to Munsil's website he is a Reagan conservative who has spent the past two decades effectively advancing core Republican principles...)

out-of-the-mainstream zealot??!! Munsil speaks to the issues as I understand them, and I daresay many more Arizona residents agree.

As the article concluded, "and the race begins"...and it HAS!

I, for one, am going to work to defeat Janet Napolitano.

Munsil says it best:

Janet Napolitano very well represents the core values of the mainstream media. She does not represent the core values of the people of Arizona.

She has ignored border security for four years and presided over the nation’s worst crime rate. Despite asking for and receiving massive amounts of new funding, she has failed to improve education or reform CPS. She takes credit for a massive budget surplus that came about only because we ignored all of her economic proposals. She is against the Protect Marriage Arizona Amendment and is a supporter of taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.

After a much needed break from this scene, it's good to be back...