American Ex-President Bill Clinton Shames Himself For The Whole World to See

NewsMax reports: Former president Bill Clinton praised Saddam Hussein's lieutenants and their underlings on Tuesday, saying they were mostly "good" and "decent" people."
"When [the U.S.] kicked out Saddam, they decided to dismantle the whole authority structure," Clinton told an audience at American University in Dubai. "Most of the people who were part of that structure were good, decent people who were making the best out of a very bad situation," he added.

While Clinton didn't name, names, Saddam's authority structure was dominated by his two murderous sons, Uday and Qusay, as well as notorious characters like Ali Hassan al-Majid, [aka Chemical Ali], Barzan al-Takriti, who ran the Iraq's brutal intelligence service, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, who governed northern Iraq during chemical weapon attacks in the Kurds, and Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash [aka Mrs. Anthrax], who was a member of Saddam's Baathist National Command.

Clinton offered praise for Saddam's lieutenants during the same speech where he criticized the U.S. invasion of Iraq as "a big mistake."

While that comment received wide coverage, only the United Arab Emirates Khaleej Times noted his description of Saddam's underlings as mostly good and decent....

Now let's just think about this for one minute...

Calling Saddam's lieutenants "good and decent" not only shows how desperate William Jefferson Clinton has become...it also indicates how this ex-president will say anything...doesn't matter if it is the truth or not...he will say whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear him say.

Shame on ex-president Clinton.


How DARE he speak such vile words while our sons and daughters...our husbands...our fathers are still in a foreign country fighting a war!


He obviously has no shame...he has shown us that over and over again...

But for him to speak these inflammatory words while standing outside our borders...to pander to our enemies while endangering our citizens and our soldiers...

THAT is not only shameful...it is treasonous.