Sheriff Joe Is Raising The Bar...Bad Drivers Face Fingerprinting

Here in Arizona we don't take kindly to identity thieves...

So, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is going the extra mile...

Get stopped for criminal driving behavior and get your fingerprints taken...No IF's, AND's or BUT's...IT'S THE LAW...

This is a modified version of a program that is already in place...but THAT ONE was voluntary...

Now... it is mandatory for drivers that are cited for criminal violations:

...drivers cited for criminal violations, such as driving more than 20 mph over the speed limit, must ink their thumbs or be jailed....

...And the program is being expanded to the entire county....

Sheriff Joe is SERIOUS!

SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO: "To be frank with you, the stupid people gave their prints. You think anybody else would give their prints if they had a problem? No."

Criminal violations for which people will be fingerprinted include:

• Driving more than 20 mph over speed limit
• Reckless driving
• Hit and run
• Drag racing
• Driving with suspended/canceled/ revoked license or plates
• Failure to stop for school bus stop signal