Appeals Court Blocks Texas Execution of Murderer...Schiavo Judge Tells DCF, FDLE, Gov. Bush No Protective Custody

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Wednesday blocked the scheduled execution of convicted killer Steven Kenneth Staley, 42.

Staley was to have been put to death just after 6 p.m. Wednesday in the Texas death chamber in Huntsville for the 1989 shooting death of Fort Worth restaurant manager Bob Read.
document....Restaurant manager Bob Read, 35, volunteered as a hostage if the robbers would spare nearly three-dozen employees and customers held at gunpoint during the robbery.

Police say Read was fatally shot when he began to struggle as the three tried to force him into a car for a getaway as officers closed in....

AND YET! in Florida: The Pinellas County death judge who acted in contempt of Congress by defying a federal subpoena designed to save the life of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo issued an order Wednesday afternoon saying that anyone giving the disabled woman treatment that will save her life is breaking the law and will be held in contempt of court---including Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida’s Department of Children and Families, Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement and apparently, even President Bush.

The law of this case is that she will die….I don’t want anyone trying to feed that girl”, Florida probate court judge George Greer thundered from the bench in 2001.

So! Convicted murderers get appeal after appeal after appeal...but an innocent, disabled woman gets starved to death.....Why? because she is an inconvenience?

Why is Terri Schiavo being put to death? What law has Terri broken??


Hat tip: Bruce Jacobs, morning talk show host on KFYI