Am I Getting This Right??

A "professor"- who teaches at a U.S. university - who likened World Trade Center victims to a notorious Nazi refused to apologize to the victims' families in his first public comments since the University of Colorado began a review that could lead to his dismissal....he said so to Paula Zahnon CNN:

"I don't believe I owe an apology," Ward Churchill said Friday on CNN's "Paula Zahn Now" program.

He defended his essay written on Sept. 11, 2001, that said those killed in the trade center were "little Eichmanns," a reference to Adolf Eichmann, who organized Nazi plans to exterminate European Jews. He said the victims were akin to U.S. military operations' collateral damage - or innocent civilians mistakenly killed by soldiers.

hmmm...another peek into the world of academia...the twisted influencers on our youthful minds...